SLO County approves $20 million animal shelter

December 10, 2019


The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to move ahead with plans to build a $20 million animal services facility, in a joint funding agreement with the seven cities. The supervisors awarded the construction contract to F&H Construction out of Lodi.

In 2015, the SLO County Board of Supervisors decided it would not be cost effective to make further investments in the county’s currently dilapidated animal shelter, which was constructed around 1975. Originally, county and city officials reached a cost-sharing agreement, with an estimated cost of $14.5 million.

Officials attribute the project cost increase to high demand statewide for design and construction of infrastructure projects, as well as a labor shortage and tariffs on building materials. Also, the county discovered the site of the project, which is near the current shelter off of Highway 1 on Oklahoma Road, has the same soil stability issues that have plagued the existing facility.

Under the agreement, the cities that have the highest demand for animal services pay the most. Paso Robles has the highest share of the project cost among cities, followed by Atascadero and San Luis Obispo.

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Couldn’t locate a local qualified contractor?

About time! That place is a hell hole! Bump it up to 30 million and I’ll vote for the sales tax increase!

Wow, lots of animal haters here huh?

No, just a lot of people who aren’t as easily duped by government scams.

Go to the pound, look around, and then tell me those animals don’t need our help!

Nobody said that the animals “don’t need our help.” The problem is that government has continually forfeited the trust of taxpayers on such matters.

Government waste, fraud, abuse, theft and mismanagement has no consideration or respect for voting and tax-paying human beings. Do you really expect that the spending of that $20-30 million is going to go exclusively to the benefit of those poor animals?

Spending taxpayer money on a “problem” regardless of it’s effectiveness- yeah, that’s the government way.

Come On, who really thinks the final number will be $20 million? My bet will be something close to 25 million. It’s the government/public sector way, bid low to get the job then pad on “cost over runs” to get more. Whatever ever happened to a quote/bid and that’s it?

The only project in recent memory under-budget & under-time I can remember is the Pismo Beach Pier renovation. Still boggles the mind as to how that happened.

Pismo Beach has the money, and plenty of it. They didn’t have to B.S. an unrealistically low estimate to sell the project. They erred on the side of caution and if you estimate it right you have as much of a chance of coming in under budget as going over.

and right on the heels of this, the TT reports that SLO is considering putting a sales tax increase on the ballot and a majority support it. BOHICA!

13.7, 20, ….30 do i hear 30, 30 million dollars? c’mon folks, pony up.

Gotta build something big and costly. Maybe spend half as much and use the other $10 million to offer free spay and neutering in the county. We certainly don’t want to fix the problem when we can spend a ton of money expanding county government.

Make sure the design is such that the finished structure take a huge amount of expensive ongoing maintenance.

But I will refuse to spay and neuter my pit bulls and then abandon them when they become too much of a hassle. Then I will complain about Animal Services expenses that my white-trash town is responsible for. SLO and Pismo Beach have no problem paying their fair share, but of course it’s not very much. Atascadero and Paso insist on no responsibility for their huge share of expenses and threaten to go it alone, Tom O’Malley and Steve Martin leading the charge. Go ahead, fail to provide decent care, that appears to be the will of the community. Meanwhile Atascadero runs a zoo they can’t afford and is frankly too depressing to visit, especially the tiger pacing in its small cage. At least the County accepts responsibility for their substantial share of Animal Services costs.

Spend some of the money to ramp up enforcement of existing laws so it’s not an effing joke like it currently is.