SLO teen killed in Avila Beach golf cart crash

December 23, 2019


A 16-year-old boy crashed a golf cart in rural Avila Beach on Sunday, resulting in a 13-year-old male passenger becoming trapped underneath the vehicle and later dying at the hospital. [KSBY]

At about 1 p.m., the 16-year-old boy was driving the golf cart on Silver Oak Lane east of Lupine Canyon Road. The teen drove the golf cart onto a curb and into an embankment.

The golf cart overturned. Despite wearing a seatbelt, the 13-year-old passenger became pinned underneath the golf cart.

Responders transported the 13-year-old to a nearby hospital, where he died of his injuries.

The driver suffered minor injuries in the crash. Investigators do not suspect he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Authorities have yet to release the identity of the victim. It is believed both boys were from San Luis Obispo.

Officials are asking anyone who has information about the crash to call the CHP at (805) 594-8700.


It was an accident folks. A “16-year old boy” made a stupid, irresponsible move. Unfortunately it was tragic, but, still it was a 16-year old boy, they make mistakes. It’s not the parents’ fault, it’s not the government’s fault, it’s not society’s fault. It was a kid. It happens. My condolences to the parents and the family.


Incredibly sad.


On the bright side, at least this didn’t happen at the golf course. So now the parents have no one to blame or file suit against (except for each other) to absolve their little darlings from any responsibility. As teens, we rode in the bed of pickups, shot each other with pellet guns (one pump only), drank water out of garden hoses that tasted like vulcanized rubber, and picked numerous copies of last month’s Playboy and Penthouse magazines out of Manuel Liquor’s dumpster. Yet, here we are still alive and limping along in a barely affordable middle-class nanny state controlled by the left side of the 1%.

Hmmm, RURAL Avila Beach? I thought all of Avila was rural? Ohhh, wait, I get it…. you mean RURAL as in the McMansions up in the hills above San Luis Bay Drive. Silly me, I first thought they meant “rural” like the 40-year-old mobile homes on acreage in Squire Canyon or Fern canyon. Just thought maybe the kids found an abandoned golf cart beneath the weeds in the back yard and took a battery out of their dirt bike to get it running. But oh no, I’m sure these kids took the cart out of its own private garage attached to bedroom number five or six beside the pool grotto.

Do ya’ really think anyone will be banning golf carts anytime soon? Another lesson that neither money nor legislation can teach nor protect your children for you.


You HAVE to be kidding me.


So so sorry for the driver, the family and all involved. Time for this great community to rise up and surround them as we often do.


A tragedy unquestionably. So stand around with your candles and have another do nothing vigil instead of addressing irresponsible parenting.


I feel horrible for first responders seeing this, the kid, and the parents letting this happen, a visual shit show to deal with this rediculous crap for first responders, absolute avoidable crap. Should kids drive 800 pound golf carts without supervision through Avila roads? Is it a motor vehicle, yeah, it is. So a crime was committed too. DA super hero Dow? Who delt with this shit, the parents;? NO, the paramedics, Fire, EMT and Dr. Not the damn parents, watching a kid die. And seatbelt my ass, there goes my tax dollars, kid driving on a PUBLIC road.


Where is urban Avila Beach???