Couple arrested in Morro Bay for identity theft and counterfeiting

February 3, 2020

Michael and Holly Mahoney


A traffic stop in Morro Bay Saturday evening led to the arrest of a man and a woman from Bakersfield on a host of charges related to identity theft and counterfeiting.

Shortly before 8 p.m., an officer pulled over a car driven by Michael Mahoney, 38, in the 300 block of Atascadero Road. He had failed to stop at a sign,police said.

Police then determined Michael Mahoney had outstanding warrants for his arrest. His passenger, Holly Mahoney, 33, likewise had a local felony arrest warrant.

Officers searched the vehicle and found stolen mail connected to businesses in Morro Bay. The search also netted stolen credit cards, several counterfeit $100 bills and altered and counterfeit bank checks.

In addition, investigators found fake IDs containing Michael Mahoney’s image and the victim’s information, including name, address and date of birth.

Officers arrested both suspects for their outstanding warrants, as well as on charges related to identity theft, possession of stolen property and counterfeiting checks and currency.

Michael Mahoney is currently in custody in SLO County Jail with his bail set at $67,500. The county sheriff’s office website does not currently list Holly Mahoney as being in custody.

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Through the book at them, many copies, especially illegal copies.

And coordinating T-shirts to boot…nice touch.

Well done PD.

Always astounds me when criminals who are out doing criminal stuff do the stupidest things and get caught. If you are driving around with fake ID’s, stolen mail and have a warrant out for your arrest by all means don’t fail to stop at stop signs. Better yet stay off the road altogether. It’s always some knucklehead who has felony warrants out for his or her arrest who will break some easy to follow law or initiate a public disturbance that gets law enforcement involved and then get themselves arrested. I guess stupid is as stupid does.

Another great job by our local police. They recovered things robbed from me a few years ago, also caught by a traffic stop in Paso Robles. Thank you Police!