Crazy robocall stuns San Luis Obispo County voters

February 25, 2020


Many San Luis Obispo County voters were shocked when they answered the phone Tuesday afternoon and received a robocall purportedly instructing them to reelect Supervisor Adam Hill that in actuality highlighted and exaggerated some of the supervisor’s own grotesque rhetoric.

In the deceptive robocall, an unknown woman alludes to allegedly homophobic comments previously made by Hill about a political opponent. The woman also alludes to vulgar, threatening remarks made about local media figures that were circulated in emails originating from Hill’s home internet address.

“Adam Hill calls out that local radio guy for having sex with that woman reporter that wears a mustache,” the robocall states. “That’s right. Adam Hill tells it straight up, just like our man in the White House.”

Additionally, the robocall claims a Hill victory will keep lesbian “perverts” out of government.

“That woman running against Adam Hill is a lesbian,” the call states. “We can’t have those selfish perverts running for government. Adam Hill will put a stop to that.”

At multiple points in the call, the narrator mentions her purported affiliations with the Ku Klux Klan. The woman states toward the end that an affiliate of the Klan sponsored the call.

The call can be heard at the phone number it originated from: (805) 242-3591.


I hope the DA is successful in tracking down this one. Should settle the election quickly if so.


Typical Hill and progressive tactic…. play the victim and blame it on their opponent. This has Adam Hill written all over it.


Where’s Dan Dow on this??????


Isn’t this Chapter 3 of the Adam Hill book titled, “How to fool the people and keep me in office”?


This appears to be an attempt by Adam Hill to play, poor me, everyone is after me. I bet he wrote the sick call himself.


I listened to it … this is SO classic of progressive political black ops . We also clearly know that Hill has a history of this behavior and tactic . The attempts to throw those who wonder in another direction are obvious . Because of risk of discovery, the creators specifically do not mention Korsgaden by name to give themselves some defense in case of lawsuit, yes a creation of Hill affiliated campaign . Boy , these guys are dumb .


Aside from this sort of drama, does she have a realistic chance in this race? Seems the district’s leftist numbers have crossed the Rubicon.

Reality Check

I smell a RAT. As I read this, it sounded like Adam Hill had one of his supporters make the call to create disruption. Who would claim to be KKk? This seems like an Adam Hill trick. Remember, CCN recently reported about the call Hill made during a past election to a constituent when he impersonated then opponent Waggee. That call insulted the person receiving the call. This call insults so many, in a clumsy, erratic manner ~~~ it sounds so like Hill 101. ????


Wow, what a wild call. Obviously a spoof on Adam Hill. But does the creator of this call know how Adam Hill loves to play the victim. He bullies others and then claims they were bullying him. Adam is going to have a field day with this one.


And things keep getting more curious every day. Hope your readers call in to that number and listen to this very disturbing message…


Why should we call and listen to unaffiliated political propaganda? The opening line of the article says the political call both; highlighted and exaggerated his grotesque language. Don’t we have enough dis-information already why encourage more?