Decency and deviancy, who’s abiding Adam Hill

February 11, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill


The recent disclosure of San Luis Obispo County District Three Supervisor Adam Hill’s salacious emails to KVEC Radio host Dave Congalton requires immediate and concrete investigation by the Board of Supervisors. This is simply the latest example of Hill’s consistent record of abuse, threats, and crudeness.

It’s time for the board to launch a full and independent investigation of the emails.

Simultaneously, the board should request District Attorney Dan Dow to provide to them with the records of his investigation, which concluded that the vicious tirades filled with blatantly filthy and perverse sexual accusations originated from Hill’s residence.

The board should require its members, including Mr. Hill, its management staff, and past victims from within the county structure to cooperate fully with the independent investigators. There are accusations that some employees who were abused in the past were bought off with County jobs outside of Hill’s orbit.

Once completed, the results of the investigation should be fully published on the public record with the names of the witnesses redacted.

By way of context, if any county executive, manager, or other employee were suspected of such conduct, that person would be placed on administrative leave, and a formal investigation would be conducted.

The county has invoked such investigations in the past when allegations of much less egregious behavior were suspected. For example, in 2009 the board directed an investigation of its then former CEO David Edge for consensually advising his Deputy CEO on dating, dress, and potential partners. Edge was terminated.

Similarly, last year an investigation of former Public Works Director Colt Eisenwine was conducted after female employees asserted that he was giving them unwanted attention. Eisenwine resigned.

The emails, which have been published, attack private citizens, not county officials or other politicians. One is long-term radio host and community icon Dave Congalton. The other is CalCoastNews investigative reporter Karen Velie. Both have been highly critical of Hill in the past.

Hill denies the allegations and claims that his internet address was hacked and that some conspirator was the author. No doubt Vladimir Putin recognizes the global strategic importance of San Luis County.

The emails are so reprehensible and nasty that they cannot be published in the people’s public forum. They in fact accuse the subjects and other persons of sodomy and bestiality. They are also filthily misogynistic.

They violate every county harassment, discrimination, civility, and other behavioral standard in the book.

It’s time for the Board of Supervisors; the six other directly elected county officers (DA, sheriff, auditor controller, clerk recorder, assessor, and treasurer); the county CEO; and the  county counsel to lay it on the line. Any one of them could place an item on the board agenda calling for an independent investigation and/or other actions.

They need to take a firm public stand for decency over deviancy.

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Lest anyone disbelieve these stories about Hill’s emails, I’ve often been on the receiving end of his emails and Facebook posts for years, including some from the County’s own email site. And I’ve got some copies to prove it. His email statements were and continue to be foul, perverse, obscene, and of course false. Adam, just go away…

His computer can be removed and a forensic investigation can take place, just like that which is done on child porn pervs. The hack is the excuse and very likely the denial, unless his keyboard and passwords are outside on the front porch.

Is anyone else disgusted by the large A Hill signs mounted on the union offices out on 227? It makes me sick to drive by and see them every day.

Disgusted but not surprised, also not surprise his sign is on large undeveloped properties.