Woman allegedly embezzled $5 million from South County ag companies

February 11, 2020

Ginger Lee Mankins


A local bookkeeper is facing numerous charges for allegedly embezzling a total of more than $5 million from a pair of South County agricultural companies.

Ginger Lee Mankins, 55, allegedly stole the money from Rick Machado Livestock and B&D Farms, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office. Mankins was arrested last Thursday in Arroyo Grande.

From May 2007 through Feb. 2018, Mankins pilfered funds from Rick Machado Livestock, according to a criminal complaint. The theft was not discovered until March 2018.

The bookkeeper also allegedly embezzled funds from B&D Farms from Aug. 2012 through Dec. 2019.

Rick Machado Livestock is a livestock auctioneer company operated by Rick and Jill Machado. B&D Farms, operated by Gary McKinsey, grows and sells produce.

Prosecutors have charged Mankins with 15 counts of grand theft by embezzlement. Investigators say Mankins used her position to conceal the theft.

Mankins has already pleaded not guilty to the charges. She is scheduled back in court on Friday.

Mankins is currently in custody in the SLO County Jail with her bail set at $330,000.

The District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigations conducted the embezzlement probe with assistance from the Arroyo Grande Police Department.

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White color crime in SLO county is no Big deal to SLO DA’s Office I had a guy take $6,500 from me in 2010 still a open case

Thats Sad , I have known Rick since Nipomo .. Thats very bad Rick is a good man .. what is with these people .. you steal hard earned money from good people nope shame on her

Rest assured she will never go to prison, it’s a non-violent, non-sexual , non-“serious” crime. A few months in jail at most. Small price to pay for stealing $5 million but our state no longer thinks people like this should be punished in a meaningful way.

Is she any relation to Howard Mankins, a former conservative county supervisor?

Ya this one is just crazy! That’s a lot of money. Amazing she was able to get away with it for so much and for so long!

$5 million spread out over 10 years is still allot to slip through the crack.

“Slip through the crack? lol.