San Luis Obispo County to enact shelter-in-place

March 18, 2020


San Luis Obispo County plans to order a shelter-in-place for all residents following the lead of multiple other counties in California in response to the coronavirus, according to several public officials. A statement will be released later today.

San Luis Obispo County has six confirmed cases of coronavirus, fewer than other California counties adopting similar measures. For example, San Fransisco had 43 confirmed cases on Tuesday.

A shelter-in-place may sound frightening, but it is not a full quarantine.

While details are currently being ironed out, it is likely the shelter-in-place will be similar to those enacted in the Bay Area, where residents are required to stay indoors, and to avoid unnecessary travel and socializing. In addition, all public and private gatherings, regardless of the number of attendees, are prohibited.


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I didn’t see it listed but are strip clubs restricted ?? .Asking for a friend


I used to think the Mormons and Survivalists were kinda kooky…hmm. Anyway I’m not worried, lots of cans and boxes of things I should have eaten, but didn’t, in lieu of too much fast food; soup, olives, chilies, beans, rice. I even gots a big bag of masa flour and a never used tortilla press. That plus the fresh produce that will keep coming and we can get seriously back into less processed foods. But I’ll probably still wait an hour for a burger at In-N-Out the day it reopens.


So riddle me this, what do you think is next?

1) Stock “experts” try to further the selling with scary stories, bankruptcy, depression. All the while they are placing shorts and planning to buy. This is the action that brought down Lehman and Bear Sterns. Bill Ackman anybody?

2) The media naysayers reverse position and become the most extreme plague oriented. Trish Regan anybody?

3) Conspiracy theory sites start with the “Grand IIlusion of the Luminati” or some other nonsense. Meanwhile, the Kremlin feeds stories to Alt-right and far left web sites for dissemination. (The Alt-right is much larger and more effective that the far left.) Certain media sites pick up this nonsense without adequate source verification.



Just came back from buying fresh veggies, bananas, fruit, mainly in bags. Potatoes, yams, onions, winter squash again mainly in bags. Made a mistake and did not clean grocery handle. Making up for that by 1) washing hands, like a doctors does, youtube it; 2) disinfecting car and home surfaces I touched; 3) disinfecting grocery item surfaces; 4) taking shower; 5) clothes and shopping bags go in washer.

People are not practicing social distancing. Few aware.


Few aware or few care?


Order follows confirmation of third local case


Seven now.

Last Individual

How do you accomplish that outside work time when you are “required to stay indoors”?


Yard work is safe and vitamin D3 is an anti-virial. Good to get some sun and work those lungs away from others.




Travel around? Not likely, we’re set for a couple-a-few months but we’ll be getting our fresh vegetables. That supply line should not be interrupted.

We will continue to walk the streets in our little neighborhood, just like we are doing today. Keeping our distance from neighbors that are also out getting the Vitamin D they need on this sunny, yet blustery day. Doctor’s orders for me…3 miles a day. We’re checking in on our elderly neighbors but keeping our distance. Our community doesn’t need any government intrusion. We get it. We got this.

The Fed is handling this extremely well. As well as can be expected given the circumstances. In fact, it’s quite comforting watching the daily briefings by the President and staff. Then you catch the news afterwards and my God, I keep asking “Did we just watch the same press conference?” Turn off the news, it’s a waste of time. Watch the daily briefing from the White House and State Dept of Health. Screw the media, they’re full of sh**. I’ll add, I worry more about how the State and my local government will react and deal with the resources available to them now, more than anything.

Take care of your community.


Well done!

Stress or sleeplessness caused by watching ANYTHING is vamoose, gone. Watch something entertaining. If it doesn’t make you laugh or spark an interest, turn it off.


Amen Brother!

Get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Watch the local news for Dave Hovde’s weather forecast and then change channels quickly. We started watching MASH reruns. I’d forgotten what a great show that was.

Mitch C

Does this include prohibition to go to the market, your doctor, or your pharmacy? Although shoppers are emptying grocery shelfs, no one has enough food for an extended period. Does the choice come down to die of the virus or die from starvation.


No, did you bother to read?


Are they going to pay my bills?


Once you have lost everything because of them they will give you what you need to exist. A nice tent or a cardboard box perhaps…. In a cozy encampment.


You may lose your job, your car and your home but at least you will minimize your chances of getting the virus.

And quit worrying about county employees suffering a similar fate…

they will all get a paid vacation and be just fine.


I already have a minimal chance, I live in SLO County!!!!!!!!!!

mary margaret

Perhaps the Mayor and City Council will figure out how to get a raise for you. They do know how to do that.


That’s only for themselves and all other government employees.


With some exceptions, local public administration and management positions are grossly over compensated, using restricted limited comparison studies to support their salaries and benefits.


LOL True That!