SLO County has first confirmed case of coronavirus

March 14, 2020


San Luis Obispo County confirmed its first case of coronavirus on Saturday, a likely case of community spread, according to the health department.

The inflicted individual is a North County resident, over the age of 65, with underlying health conditions. The individual is currently recovering in isolation at their home.

After suffering from a fever, cough and shortness of breath, the individual called their doctor’s office. Medical personnel then performed a coronavirus test while the individual sat in their car.

The Public Health Department is contacting people who were in contact with the individual in recent days to evaluate if testing and quarantine is needed.

Public Health Director Penny Borenstein said a positive test result was “expected” and that the county is “prepared.” She also expects to see more cases of community spread, unrelated to this case, in the county.

Symptoms of the coronavirus range from mild to severe; and include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Older adults and individuals with underlying medical conditions are particularly vulnerable.


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This should be a time of rational thinking and coming together no matter what your political spectrum. Your talking about individuals health, life and the preciousness of it all. Making decision and comments based on emotions are always the wrong time to make them. I’ve had to learn that the hard way. None of us are promised tomorrow, I hope you realize that. There is violence, hate and division purposely used by all sides equally. Why use this virus to drive the wedge deeper during this time? Does it make you feel better? Do you feel a sense of power and satisfaction while not realizing that you are also part of the problem? A virus of a different kind? A big mouth doesn’t make a big man. What are you going to do to help others during times like this?

The first breathe we take, and the last breathe we take are a gift. What are you going to with all of those in between. We are seeing things take place that many of us haven’t had to deal with in our life time. Why do some choose to point fingers, place blame, and divide further? Often ignorance prevails at times. Those who profess to be wise, are proven to be fools.This virus can make its home in any of us and end our lives. You or I could be next. There will be time to address and look back at things that failed or could of been done better after this current crisis passes. It’s the proper thing to do for learning and going forward the next time a crisis comes to our nation. Wisdom, civility, perseverance, and helping each other should the genesis of all of that is before us. What will your choice be? To help or to continue to divide, blame and prove your ignorance.

We need to objectively reflect on the capacity and intelligence of our political leaders at this time. Why? Because this is the time, when dated loyalties and ideology can be dumped, and we can clearly see the quality of their thought and character.

Are they wise? Were they ahead of the curve or behind? Reviewing their decisions and their remarks made leads to a proper assessment.

Accurately assessing political leadership is not ‘proving ignorance’. Ignoring leadership inadequacy is.

I just reviewed your post concerning Supervisor Hill


Let’s pray his victory is only temporary. Again, as I’ve stated for years, he was not stable mentally. As I commented on 3-7-2020 in a previous CCN story, he himself would rid us of him. It was just a matter of time. He proved me right. He alone is responsible for the place he finds himself. Seems funny to me that after all of the hoopla from Mayor Harmon and her support and promotion of him, she has been extremely silent. It should be obvious to all, she has her own set of issues. May the citizens of SLO city rid us of her as well in a future election.”

I would not use the sad occasion to give his leadership a pass and await a future analysis which may never come. Rather, hope Mayor Harmon and Hill supporters will rethink some of their political ideologies. Have an epiphany.

Likewise, would not give President Trump a pass as to how he has handled the coronavirus and hope his supporters would rethink their ideologies.

Political leaders are servants of the people. They are the help, not the idols of Baal.

Your words may be entirely true,however as posted previously the odds of getting killed stepping out of your home,taking your car down a street or highway are far greater and come at a much higher EVERY DAY occurrence for decades than the flu and yet no media hype. Dont you question this?