SLO County has first confirmed case of coronavirus

March 14, 2020


San Luis Obispo County confirmed its first case of coronavirus on Saturday, a likely case of community spread, according to the health department.

The inflicted individual is a North County resident, over the age of 65, with underlying health conditions. The individual is currently recovering in isolation at their home.

After suffering from a fever, cough and shortness of breath, the individual called their doctor’s office. Medical personnel then performed a coronavirus test while the individual sat in their car.

The Public Health Department is contacting people who were in contact with the individual in recent days to evaluate if testing and quarantine is needed.

Public Health Director Penny Borenstein said a positive test result was “expected” and that the county is “prepared.” She also expects to see more cases of community spread, unrelated to this case, in the county.

Symptoms of the coronavirus range from mild to severe; and include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Older adults and individuals with underlying medical conditions are particularly vulnerable.



I guess they don’t teach the words of FDR in school anymore….I’m looking at unreasonably afraid Americans running around in a panic….this makes me want to get away from anything close to a metropolis….go ahead shut it all down…we that are not living in fear will profit from it…


Oh no, I guess I should join the masses and run out and buy a year’s worth of toilet paper.


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“with most of SLO government employees”. You do realize that the majority are clerical, administrative assistant, etc, employees right?

What SLO REALLY needs is less of these extremist goofballs on EITHER side of the political spectrum. Since i’m a rational, non-fanatical person, I don’t believe anything bad should happen to you REH, but I am convinced SLO would be much much better off without people like you.


finally, a voice of reason.


Since you are a rational person and look at situations objectively … “extremist goofballs on EITHER side of the political spectrum”. Nationally, this is not accurate.

The Trump Republicans, and right oriented media, i.e., Talk Radio and much of Fox News, have created and catered to right wing extremes. Just look at any Trump rally. Listen to the chants, “lock her up”, “send them back”, President dog whistling roughing up dissenters at this rallies. Just dial into Fox or Talk Radio and hear the vitriolic, the demonizing of the other side. Whose Virginia rally marches around with guns? Who runs down whom in North Carolina? Who shoots whom in El Paso? In summary, the Right thrives on anger, threats, and is nursed by this version of the Republican Party.

Nationally, Antifa, and other single issue “activists”, are the extreme on the left, but they are few, and when they show, disrupt Democratic events. The event is not designed to feed or foster their views, like it is at Republican rallies. When the events occur, they are without guns. Left of center media is sarcastic but lacks vitriol.

To an honest mind, nationally, extreme views and violence is on the Right, major segments of this version of the Republican Party.

There is no equivalence.


What does the test do that tells you its Corona Virus. Also Newsom won’t say what counties have it and you also just say North county why all the secrets. Thousands die from flu every year and there has been no panic like this so what is the difference? Is it because there is no vaccine for it. The put out flu vaccine every year and hope it matches the flu strain and sometimes it doesn’t . Yes we should take precautions but closing things down doing a run on the Grocery stores ( toilet paper really ) seems to be a little extreme.


The difference is this is additive to flu and colds. So in the future, we may have cold, flu, COVID-19 in the population. The disease becomes endemic.

The difference is this is more contagious than flu with transmission by asymptomatic carriers.

The difference is how well this virus survives in aerosol and on surfaces.

The difference is that there are no treatments … yet.

This difference is this is more lethal by a factor of 6 to 35 than the flu (depending on whose statistics you use), and POSSIBLY reduces lung function in survivors, note POSSIBLY (one small study in Korea). Note: seasonal flu kills 291,000 to 646,000 people worldwide each year.

The difference is that his may hit us to such a degree that our medical systems will not be able to respond to all those who need care.

The difference is that this virus MAY mutate into something worse, note MAY. We simply don’t know.


Oh cool..time for the folks who run the IFF to make a film called “a day without a tourist”.Just think of the millions of lost revenue when Pismo has to cancel its non stop events, no more farmers market,no more drunken bar days and nights for the kiddies, the wine industry goes dry when nobody visits.No more Sunset mag taste of the Central Coast or whatever its called now. Just like AG’s Ferrara spending big money on hopeful income that never came true,that’s how the CC rolls. Tighten them belts PG&E and local residents, the SLO BOS is about to declare a fiscal emergency and your the extortion targets to carry them thru.


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Please comment on the news, less about each other.


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Let’s make 2020 the year of the, INFORMED, citizen!


Everyone needs to start staying home. Let this thing burn out.


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