SLO County orders bars closed, restaurants restricted

March 18, 2020


San Luis Obispo County shelter-in-place rules, which include closing all bars and restricting restaurants to carry out and delivery only, are scheduled to begin Thursday at 5 p.m and stay in effect until further notice. Seven people in SLO County have tested positive for the coronavirus.

At a press conference earlier today, county officials announced a set of proposed rules which are expected to be finalized late today. Violations of the rules may be prosecuted as misdemeanors, according to SLO County Administrator Wade Horton.

“The health and safety of our community is our top priority. The actions we take today will help us get back to normal as soon as possible,” Horton said. “We made this decision to preserve our healthcare system and ensure that we have the capacity to care for the sickest of the sick during this pandemic.”

The proposed rules restrict people from nonessential travel, activities and government business. People can leave their homes to purchase food, personal hygiene items, pharmaceuticals, pet supplies, and home repair items. They can also walk, bike or hike for exercise.

Many businesses are required to shut down. Exempt businesses include grocery stores, pharmacies, businesses that provide shelter, restaurants and coffee shops for carryout and delivery only, gas stations, auto repair shops, auto supply stores, media companies, banks and postal service companies.

Stay tuned to CalCoastNews for updates on the coronavirus and shelter-in-place regulations.


“Stay tuned to CalCoastNews for updates on the coronavirus and shelter-in-place regulations.”

Yes please, shelter in place regulations would be a huge help, I don’t know if I should lay off my staff, or try and work through this?

Francesca Bolognini

Depending on what your business happens to be. If people can work from home, send them. If they can stagger times they are in place to do essentials, that might be OK. A good rule of thumb with an airborne virus is to keep even more than 6′ between people and I would also avoid close quarters and enclosed spaces entirely. So, if you have a non essential business, it is best not to be open to the public either.

If you are close enough to a person to tell what they had for lunch, you are close enough for contamination. This virus is also “slippery”, a science slang for a virus that mutates rapidly. It went from animals only to transmissible to humans and then from that to human to human in about 2 weeks. It is now airborne and there are already 2 strains, making it double hard to make a vaccine. Soon there could be several more. And some could be much more virulent and affect for more people faster and worse. Or re-infect those already recovering. Permanent lung damage is already pretty common. This one has the scientific community really scared.

They tried to warn our government, but the current regime chose to allow it to spread far and wide before responding and even then, weakly and calling it a “hoax”. Masks and test kits from the WHO were turned away (!) and actual misinformation was announced to the media. So, the only sure way to slow the spread and possibly avoid the very worst case scenario is to isolate people. They did this in China at the point of a gun. It worked. This is finally also being implemented in Italy and perhaps a bit too late there. South Korea had testing and isolation very early and they have control.

Italy, where things are still very grim has much better health care than ours. They are about 3rd in the world. We are 37th. Meaning we are way behind to start, with no coordinated or effective response. Lack of facilities, supplies, response teams, doctors, research capabilities. We have no checks against massive bills. At this moment, the most effective tool we have is isolation. How will we get by in the face of this? Not well if the only aid that goes out is to BILLIONALRES and their business interests. With no money in our pockets, we will have none to spend. That will be the end of America as we once knew it.


You are a fool if you believe this. At what point do the desperate chattering monkeys just stop? Apparently being an ideologue is still more important to some.

These are exactly the kind of “citizens” who will, when given the chance, desire internment camps and/or re-education. Mark my words, they are shameful and dangerous, even if they believe they are doing so out of the goodness of their hearts.


Hey Boldguy…Yup…just lay them all off as they do not need a pay check and just simply quit your biz and livelihood because they said so. Lose your house, your cars and all you possess and become a vagrant. The California way. At the command of some outsiders in power. Keep in mind that government workers are on a paid vacation right now and the governor is immune to the virus and receives fat checks regularly