SLO County orders establishments to temporarily stop serving alcohol

March 16, 2020


San Luis Obispo County issued an executive order today asking bars, restaurants and wineries to stop serving alcohol during the upcoming Saint Patrick’s Day holiday, specifically from 5 p.m. on March 16 through 12:01 p.m.on March 18, to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“We need to take immediate action to slow the spread of the virus over the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, and to limit large gatherings in public serving spaces,” said SLO County Administrator Wade Horton.

On Sunday, a third San Luis Obispo County resident tested positive for the coronavirus, a public defender who lives in Nipomo. Currently, multiple local attorneys and members of the legal community are in self quarantine.

As of March 14, there are a total of 335 positive cases and six deaths in California. This total does not include passengers from the Grand Princess cruise ship currently docked in Oakland.

Ages of all confirmed positive cases in California:

Age 0-17: 6 cases
Age 18-64: 210 cases
Age 65+: 116 cases
Unknown: 3 cases

In San Luis Obispo County, three residents have tested positive for the virus: a North County resident who is over 65 years of age, and a Nipomo husband and wife who are both under 60 years of age.

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Here is whats coming next compliments Adam Hills party. Although this is Illlnois, its coming to your fine cities soon once they see just how well they can control your life. Im sure Harmon is writing here own super power declaration as I write this.

Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen signed the executive order on Thursday declaring a state of emergency for the city. That executive order, which is in line with municipal code, comes with extraordinary powers for the mayor to enact over a short period of time as the city combats the spread of the coronavirus.

“Among the powers Feinen gained after signing the executive order was the power to ban the sale of guns, ammunition, alcohol, and gasoline. Feinen could also cut off access to individuals’ gas, water, or electricity. The city also has the ability to “take possession of private property” or order the temporary closing of all bars or liquor stores.

Yep these measures, will likely be coming next in most urban areas, Republican, Democratic and nonpartisan alike. It is what societies do in an emergency. And this IS an emergency. The question is will the populace be able to remove the measures after the crises is over?

Judging from how the national executive branch has become more and more judicially and legislatively unchecked (at least every since the 9-11 crises, i.e., under Bush Jr., Obama and especially Trump), we should be concerned.

This is why the GOP controlled Senate and Mitch McConnell should go. Under McConnell, they do not function as a legislative check. I am concerned about creeping, and now galloping, executive authoritarianism.

Locally, I do not live in SLO but am astounded at the partisanship, and lack of political diversity in local elections. The entrenched ideologies. The money flow.

As for your current concerns, buying liquor is the least of it. Gun ownership will not defend yourself from the state. Cutting off gasoline, yep, the state can control the pumps. Centralized utility services, state controlled.

My suggestion, drop useless labels, and with them dated ideologies. When ever our media or politicians use a “label”, they are trying to manipulate and control, to take our eye off the ball on what they are doing.

Labels: Conservative, Progressive, Alt-Right, Liberal, Democrats, Republicans, Traditional Values, Environmentalist … you get the idea.

Finally, (bravo for the local actions) Donald Trump encouraged Americans to avoid restaurants and bars, for children to stay home from school, and for people not to congregate in groups of ten or more. So now that the politician, some seem to worship, is on board, hopefully the naysayers will also start taking this pandemic seriously and mitigate our collective risk. Here’s a link to the projections from Imperial College London:

Being I avoid SLO city like the plague hows that bar and booze ban working for ya today being St Pattys? One would think that our younger generation being so globally,economically and climate concerned, would stay off the streets and bars.

So many people realize there WILL be a power-grab. There HAVE been power-grabs. This is absolutely CRIMINAL to use panic to take away freedoms. Shameful.


You can go to the Valley and share a beer at a pub with Devin Nunes!


Pfffttt..why would one bother going to the valley, there will be thousands of party goers right in slo co to spread VD and CV19.

I am rural. What were the numbers in SLO city? I don’t want to morph into a grumpy disposition, but not for me, this virus is serious. Apparently this is going to be an 18 month process.

Socializing, listening to music, dancing can be meditative and healthy, and yes safe sex is good for you, but be in a real relationship to avoid heartbreak.

We find that in our decades of living on the CC KSBY and others are quick to post DUI arrests, bar business statistics etc,ect, post St Pattys. Not this time, nope. Wouldn’t want to skew anybody’s disillusional view of paradise. Same goes for any “live and local” coverage of Hills little episode of insanity, not a word from the one sided, lying, only tell us what they want us to hear worthless local media stations. So many have said it and its 100% true, that if it wasn’t for CCNand Congalton’s show you wouldent have a clue what really goes on in SLO and you would think its a pure as the driven snow. Its pure alright, pure bullxxxx.Shame on them.