The biggest winner is…

March 3, 2020

A Super Tuesday edition of the San Luis Obispo County primary election is wrapping up, and it’s time to unveil results.

Will the SLO County Board of Supervisors flip?

What about the District 3 race? How will the voters respond to the nasty emails and robocalls? Could Supervisor Adam Hill possibly get upset?

And over in District 5, will there be a larger turnout among Cal Poly voters? How might that impact the race?

Plus, who are the preferred picks for Assembly, Congress and the Democratic presidential nomination. Let the live results begin:

8:35 p.m. – BIG RESULTS

Conservatives will really like the initial tallies:

District 1

John Peschong – 68.49%

Stephanie Shakofsky – 31.51%

District 3

Stacy Korsgaden – 52.98%

Adam Hill – 47.02%

District 5

Debbie Arnold – 59.28

Ellen Beraud – 40.72


Some time prior to midnight…

With 100 percent of SLO County precincts reporting, but not all ballots counted:

District 1

John Peschong – 67.40%

Stephanie Shakofsky – 32.51%

District 3

Stacy Korsgaden – 51.01%

Adam Hill – 48.78%

District 5

Debbie Arnold – 56.74

Ellen Beraud – 43.14


U.S House of Representatives 24th District 

With 82 percent of precincts reporting:

Salud Carbajal – 51.8%

Andy Caldwell – 44.5%

State Assembly 35th District

With 92.9 percent of precincts reporting:

Jordan Cunningham – 61.1%

Dawn Addis – 38.9%

Proposition 13, School Bond

With 71.7 percent of precincts reporting:

No – 56.6%

Yes – 43.4%


Watch the CalCoastNews election night broadcast:







Hill has no one to blame for his loss but himself…and CCN.

Thanks for getting Hill’s message out, as nasty and disgusting as it was, the public needed to know what was warming that BOS seat.

The Trib should follow Adam’s lead and not show up for work today. They’re a poor excuse for local news and should give themselves a brickbat for their endorsements.

Niles Q

Except for Salud the progressives took it in the shorts


He’s the only one who is not one of the locals.


He’ll take it in the shorts in November.


It’s been a wild ride, Adam. No more protection from the law means now the people of SLO may get justice. See ya’!


Congratulations Stacy! Truth finally won out!


So many other respected citizens have stood up and taken the abuse and finally, there were enough of us that the electorate got it and said ‘enough!’


The biggest winner is the citizens of SLO county for seeing Stacy replace hill.


I hope the results in the District 3 race hold. My fear is that just like in an old vampire movie Adam will get the upper hand as the stake is about to be driven through his heart and escape only to continue feeding on people for another four or five scenes in the movie.


The biggest winner is…………….the citizens of San Luis Obispo County, if Adam Hill is truly gone!!!


Congratulations to Ms. Korsgaden!

Farewell Lil’ Bully. You have no one to blame but yourself.


All I can say is “Way to Go Voters”