The number of coronavirus cases in SLO County double in one day

March 17, 2020


There are currently six confirmed cases of coronavirus in San Luis Obispo County, up from three reported cases on Monday, according to the county public health department.

Two of the infected people live in Nipomo, three live in North County and one lives on the coast. One of the recently infected individuals caught the virus while traveling internationally and the other was infected while out of the county.

On Monday, the California Supreme Court decreed changing rules at the San Luis Obispo County Courthouse because of the coronavirus emergency. A public defender who practices at the courthouse tested positive on Sunday.

As of March 16, there are a total of 472 positive cases and eleven deaths in California. This total does not include passengers from the Grand Princess cruise ship currently docked in Oakland.

Ages of all confirmed positive cases:

Age 0-17: 7 cases
Age 18-64: 300 cases
Age 65+: 160 cases
Unknown: 5 cases

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We’re never really going to know the true numbers of exposed unless we eventually test everyone in the USA. Not going to happen.

What we should now look to is the numbers of cases that have tested positive, and compare their; hospitalization rates, geographic locations, age groups, ventilation / intubation rates, and mortality rates. This will give us useful numbers to go on. Where to fight, and on which grounds.

Comparing “shedding” intervals, the days in which you spread the virus after infection, of the “normal flu” to Covid 19 should shed light on how long we should really quarantine ourselves. We know this flu sheds earlier than most flu’s, and for a longer duration.

Traditional flu affects 55 million each year. Does the shedding rate increase this a factor of; 1,2,3? Taken together we can begin to get an idea size of the wave that awaits our healthcare providers in the coming weeks.

If you’ve parked your grandparents at an old folks home. Now is the time to go get them and bring them back home. This is where we will see the lion share of community spread and subsequent death in the coming weeks.

Had 3 friends yesterday that live in Grover Beach post letters on IG showing they tested positive.

Since so many are already lazy and don’t feel great anyway, their cases may never be counted. Expect many among us are carriers, sick or both. I now know why some are found dead on the stairs, because when you lungs turn into a block of wood you run out of oxygen and just can’t make it to the top step. Don’t panic, be safe.

Another way of describing the same thing is to say, “The number of coronavirus cases in SLO County increased by 3 in one day.”

Really CCN? Pretty sensational, except that there includes no measure of people tested vs. time as a comparison. Confirmed cases = 6 vs. 3 yesterday, but how many people were tested today vs. previously? Now that we can expect a lot more testing, the numbers will certainly rise. As testing for the virus has lagged (at least until now), it’ll be no surprise the number of infected climbs substantially.

President Trump said today he always knew it was a pandemic. That’s why we’re so prepared.