California temporarily eliminates cash bail for most low-level offenses

April 7, 2020

California temporarily set bail for most misdemeanor and lower-level felonies at zero in an attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus in jails by reducing the number of inmates.

On Monday, California’s Judicial Council approved 11 temporary amendments to the rules of the court, including suspending all property foreclosures and evictions, extending expiration dates on some restraining orders, and extending time on some civil actions. In addition, the council adopted rules to prioritize juvenile custody proceedings.

San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow praised the council and the court for allowing video conference hearings with attorneys and parties in various locations to minimize exposure to others.

“This is critical to safeguarding the health of all who need access to and come within the justice system,” Dow said.

In regards to the zero bail for many low-level offenders, Dow voiced concerns over the inclusion of suspects accused of trafficking and elder or child abuse.

“I am hopeful that the Judicial Council’s new emergency rules do not unintentionally cause further harm to vulnerable labor trafficking victims, children, or elders in our communities who have already been identified as victims of crime,” Dow said. “We have urged the council to add human trafficking, child abuse, and elder abuse to the exceptions to zero bail, but sadly they did not adopt our recommendations.”

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Will Helios Dayspring start employing the illegal laotian workers to trim his cannabis again? Recall he was accused of human trafficking a while back. Made em work 5am-12am daily n kept em housed in shipping containers. Child and elder abuse suspects should be kept in shipping containers n made to work 19hrs a day w/o pay

You think this is stupid, just wait. The local court will be ordering the release of over 60 “non-violent” felons back on our streets next week. People convicted of burglary, assault, and drug dealing. This corona virus doesn’t just give you fever and a cough. Apparently it causes you to take leave of your senses too.

There is absolutely no evidence that eliminating the cash bail system makes citizens any less safe. In fact, simply throwing someone in jail who has not yet been convicted often exacerbates societal problems since jobs are lost, children are left without support, etc.

In several states, including New Jersey, Kentucky and Arizona, judges use various risk assessment tools to determine who should be locked up. While I know it must seem disconcerting to see those accused of some pretty heinous crimes be released, the operative word here is “accused.” These individuals have not been convicted or sentenced.

Anyone who has been rightly convicted and sentenced will remain in prison where they belong. This reprieve frees those that have pending court cases which could take months, if not years, in this current environment. Why lock up someone who a judge perceives is not a threat to society and who has yet to be convicted of a crime? Just because they’re poor is usually the conclusion.

Great news for gun shops. Even the hypocrite liberals are lining up to buy now.

Only in CA could human trafficking, child abuse, and elder abuse be considered “lower offenses”.


Well, OK, but watch for the Democratic legislature majority to try to end all cash bail on a permanent basis. Everything but a homicide will be set back on the streets to rob, burgle your home, take away your sense of security. The Legislature will consider this an “opportunity” as G. Newsom calls things.

“We have urged the council to add human trafficking, child abuse, and elder abuse to the exceptions to zero bail, but sadly they did not adopt our recommendations.” We have officially gone over the cliff.