California to provide coronavirus relief funds to illegal immigrants

April 16, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom

The state of California will distribute payments to illegal immigrants from a new $125 million coronavirus disaster relief fund, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Wednesday. [CNN]

In attempt to make up for their exclusion from the $2.2 trillion federal stimulus program, California is offering a one-time benefit of $500 to each adult illegal immigrant in the state, with a cap of $1,000 per household. An estimated 150,000 illegal immigrants are expected to benefit from the program.

The money will come from a fund that combines $75 million in state funds with $50 million contributed by private philanthropists.

“We feel a deep sense of gratitude for people that are in fear of deportations that are still addressing essential needs of tens of millions of Californians,” Newsom said. “And that’s why I’m proud as governor to be the very first state to announce a program for direct disaster assistance to those individuals.”

Newsom said 10 percent of California’s workforce consists of undocumented immigrants, and they are overrepresented in sectors keeping the state afloat, including health care, agriculture and food, manufacturing and logistics and construction. It is estimated illegal immigrants paid more than $2.5 billion in local and state taxes last year.

The governor suggested $125 million in aid is not enough.

“I’m not here to suggest that $125 million is enough,” Newsom said. “But I am here to suggest it’s a good start, and I’m very proud it’s starting here in the state of California.”

Regional nonprofits with experience serving illegal immigrant communities will disperse the funds.

This week, legal United States residents began receiving $1,200 checks as part of the stimulus package signed into law by President Donald Trump.


hello 20% state taxes..only a matter of time


At least Newsom didn’t cause a delay in issuing the checks by so his name could be added to them.


Yea, well, there is that to be thankful for.


THIS is not right! The politicians keep rewarding people who break our laws and penalize many who follow the rules! A MAJOR QUESTION is WHY do we have SO MANY ILLEGALS?? The whole root of the problem is WHY we have double digits of Illegals “employed” here. And oh yeah, they are paying into the system but again HOW??—ILLEGALLY!! To use someone else’s SS number is ILLEGAL, working hard or not! It’s because the “powers that be” have turned a blind eye to this situation. Yes, I know people will ask “who will pick our food?’ But they are plenty of OTHER jobs the Illegals are taking…and I have worked in the fields, yes, it’s HARD work but guess what —- there are MANY HARD-MISERABLE JOBS out there working in the fields is just ONE! So, I can’t cry a river for someone who works a hard job I’ve seen my family members doing some pretty AWFUL work! So, if we didn’t have SO MANY Illegals then maybe other jobs in the restaurant, construciton and hospitality industries would hire Citizens or the Gov’t should make it more difficult to get the freebies if you’re an Illegal – so Americans would be forced (if they didn’t have jobs) to fill some of these types of positions. Many Citizens “worked the fields” years ago, more citizens worked the construction industry using a shovel and doing the “grunt work” — we need the system to DIScourage Illegals from breaking our laws and being rewarded. Come in legally and you’re welcomed — break our laws doing it and it’s UNFAIR! STOP with the Stimulus payments Goofball Gov. Newsome! Those MILLIONS should be going to California CITIZENS.


Seems right. Illegal immigrants pay just as much in taxes as any of us. Several billion dollars in local and state taxes nationwide. And, before you say they should just go home, take a look in your refrigerator and think about who works on providing those things for you.

I worked with undocumented laborers for over 40 years and they are salt of the earth, god-fearing, family oriented people who just wanted to give their kids a better life. They should have been given amnesty years ago.

Alas, the likes of leaders like Ronald Reagan (gave amnesty to 3 million illegals in the 1986 Immigration Reform Act), who could unite Americans and not divide them, are in short supply these days.


If they’re going to give money to lawbreakers rather than deport them, then they should give money to felons, too. *cough*

Ralph Snart

Don’t forget your right to vote as a convicted felon… here is your ballot. Don’t worry. We will harvest your vote up to 72 hours after the election


Some would say if no stimulus is given to illegals then the nation will be flooded with disparate people needing money .With the current Ca elected officials we have I see no way to stop them from supplying money to illegal citizens .But there should be an computer driven program that at minimum takes fingerprints and photos …how else will Gov know who has or has not received a check .The illegals and even legal citizens will be scamming the stimulus program

Mitch C

This is unacceptable! How many veterans, small businesses owners and/or hungry LEGAL Americans could have been helped with this amount of tax payer money. While I have empathy for all of mankind, we need to prioritize precious dollars to assist Americans. Why are we awarding those who break our laws?


We need to take our State back from these buffoons!

How about we take care of the American people for a f-ing change!!!!!

Francesca Bolognini

So, perhaps you need to read that piece again. Because I think yo missed a few things. 10% of our labor force. That keeps the state afloat. That sees to your essential needs. What are yo doing that is so much more important than that? I assume you are eating the food. When you go for health care, there they are. Restaurants, there. Taking care of our children and our elderly. Did you know that if they fill out employment forms that have them paying into Social Security, they can never collect on it? You do. Try not to be mean spirited and small towards the people who are currently risking disease and death to feed you. Just try. Or, perhaps, move to one of the “red” states. They are having a really interesting time right about now.


They? Not those people…LOL

Illegal is illegal. Black and white. it’s not too hard to figure that out. Did you ever think that if we employed 10% more Americans, maybe we wouldn’t have so many unemployed? I remember when the first jobs a lot of teenagers got were in fast food joints, restaurants and grocery stores. Not anymore because a lot of those positions are now filled with unskilled adult labor.


LOL…In over 40 years working in local agriculture I never found an “American” teenager or adult who could hold their own in the lettuce, broccoli, strawberry, etc. fields with a migrant. And the farmers I worked for could not abide a lazy hand. Those owners were smart and grew the local fields into a multi-billion dollar venture, partly on the backs of those illegals you so detest.

The difference always came down to the fact that the migrant was working for his life, while the “American” knew he would be taken care of, by his folks, or the government (the broad majority of people who receive some sort of welfare, Snap benefits are white “Americans”). Go figure.


And for 40 years the economic invaders have been subsidized by the legal immigrants and law-abiding taxpayers.


Yes, your billionaires like the R*snicks exploited cheap and illegal labor at the additional expense of Americans and grew rich on the backs of everyone. Of course slave labor is going to work harder (and cheaper–never forget that) when the employer can be punish/black mail them for not doing so–the workers have no rights! And no workers rights can ever be implemented in that industry so long as illegal [slave] labor is tolerated.



Yeah , you are correct, Americans won’t work for 3rd world wages. And yes, before you say it, I’m aware that if ag labor and food service labor rates increase so will the cost of food (produce and prepared food). The other side of that however is that the financial costs to society would theoretically decrease as the burdens to our schools. Hospitals, legal snd welfare system would go down. My point is that all of this cheap labor has costs associated to it that are insidious. This abundant, cheap labor might not be as cheap as it appears.


So, perhaps you need to work and live amongst these great people! Yes, they pick the crops that feed us, and they are still currently doing that which means they are still earning a paycheck. Did you know that, because they do not have any documentation, both adult members of the household are able to work paying jobs under one name and collect benefits under another name? Their children also qualify for free meals through the school system, and this was before the virus shutdown! You can’t blame them for taking advantage of them, the government offers these programs freely. They are resourceful and do what they need to do.

My point is, there are a lot of American Citizens in this state that have had their livelihoods completely taken away, that do not qualify for unemployment. These are called “Gig Workers”. They work hard, support themselves and most do not look to government for help. The state is not lifting a finger to help them and it was the state that killed their livelihood with no remedy!


Baloney…You have a twisted and traitorous way of thinking? No other country on this planet rewards invaders. Illegal is illegal!!! See what benefits the Mexican government gives Americans? Try working there. Pffft! Right! They protect their own. Americans first in the U.S! Maybe you and the sell out crooked governor should take a basic English class and study meaning of the word illegal? Just FYI…My Grandparents were immigrants and came through proper channels. They worked hard, assimilated learned the language and became proud Americans. I’m 45 years in construction. I used to be able to make a living wage until people with your mind set threw us under the bus


I just read we are looking at unemployment rates as high as 20% this fall. If that happens it is time for the illegal aliens to go home and before you rattle on about picking strawberries, etc. look at the actual numbers. Most of the jobs these illegals fill are in the construction and service industries. With 20+% unemployment rates there likely will not be any work for them and with a lot of unemployed and angry Americans out there I would surmise it won’t be safe for anyone who is here illegally.


Your delusional, only 3% of illegals work in the fields, the rest have stolen construction jobs and many more high paying jobs from Americans.

Having multiple children at taxpayer expense in our hospitals, no way a field worker having 3-4 kids can ever repay for the cost at the hospital or the housing, schooling, medical, incarceration. These low earning positions are subsidized by the rest of the taxpayers.

This free giving governor has admitted there is at least there are 3-4 million here right now.

He should be prosecuted for treason and lying under oath after being sworn in and doing just the opposite of his sworn oath.


Would be helpful if you provided any evidence for your “3% of illegals work in the fields.” All of the sources I could find put the figure at about 50% with about 15% in construction. Of course, as Kellyanne Conway confirmed, you can have your own “alternative facts.”


Isn’t making sure you can get access to food taking care of the American people?

Unless you are planning to volunteer to head to the pepper patches and lettuce fields, or meat packing plants for the good of the country you may want to rethink your position.

You are self sufficient you say? Most aren’t. You remove food from the cities where do you think they’ll head Kalifornia? To less populated, food producing, areas like ours perhaps?

I doubt you’ll champion the free movement of Americans seeking food and shelter migrating to the central coast if the food supply runs short.

Sorry to tell you; you’re not taking the state back to 1950.


That sucks