Gov. Gavin Newsom planning to shut down all California beaches

April 30, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom is planning to close all California beaches and state parks on Friday, after people seeking relief from the heat flocked to beaches last weekend.

During a press conference on Wednesday, San Luis Obispo County Administrator Wade Horton announced the county’s plan to keep its beaches open. Locally, he said, most people at the beach last weekend appeared to be practicing social distancing.

However, a handful of beaches in Southern California were visibly crowded last weekend. On Monday, Newsom chastised beachgoers.

“This virus doesn’t take the weekends off. This virus doesn’t go home. We have to manage and augment our behavior,” Newsom said. “The only thing that will set us back is people stopping practicing physical distancing.”

Newsom’s announcement to shutter beaches follows requests from multiple rural counties to relax shelter-at-home rules.


Closure is a knee-jerk, lazy decision. Closing everything outdoors is just illogical. If there is really a problem, set a max occupancy, or maybe require gloves and masks. Folks can work on some funny tan lines.


My Mom is 85 years old. She’s at risk from Covid-19.

Until she’s no longer at risk, I want all of you people to stay home, stay off the beach, off the trail and I demand we shut down all restaurants, bars, salons, libraries and so forth.

As long as my mom is at risk, none of you have rights. Capice?


I perceive many didn’t get the intended sarcasm.


I bet your Mom is staying home and away from other people right? And yes, we need a sarcasm font…

Shocked in MB

I wonder if anyone will ever quantify and publish a study on the deaths and overall destruction from collateral damage of the shutdown. I would venture to say that the collateral damage will be so so overwhelming to as DWARF the direct damage from the virus itself.

It’s odd how collateral damage is acceptable when it suits your narrative.

The question is will anybody ever do a report, will it ever see the “light of day” or will it also be “quarantined” for the next 100 years?

mary margaret

I think it’s a good idea after seeing beaches last weekend. So, I respectfully disagree and hope that in a month or so that people get a clue. It’s not that much to ask and it’s for the health and safety of all of us. Let the pile-on begin since I realize you’ll probably disagree with me. Thank you.


Not much to ask?

    The decimation of the local economy due to one (1) death?

(And that death most likely had other complicating factors.)

Also, could you be a bit more specific on what ‘clue’ people are supposed to get?


How many of those beach goers last weekend got sick?


If we had adequate testing, and contact tracing in place, we could possibly give you a number.

If we could do so, how many would be acceptable to you?

Silence Dogood

Actually, this is the only question that is relevant to the entire issue. The Governors stated goal is to flat line the incoming cases, which it has. Next was just asked, did the absence of social distancing at the beaches create a negative health impact. If no real medical impact, then Mr. Newsome is a simply kicking sand in our face as the ruler of these lands.

This is a medical issue that should be addressed by medical facts, not this knee jerk policy. No facts relating to beach goers health has been presented. While neither a doctor nor an attorney, I can’t seem to understand why the virus hasn’t destroyed those living in the homeless camps, some of whom share food, needles and are not wearing masks. Thanks for most intelligent question “sbjcl”.

Jorge Estrada

Will he designate Panga parking somewhere on the Delta, near a DMV and Social Services Department?


Remember when we all pretended we had rights? LOL!

Time to wake up to totalitarianism folks. Don’t do anything without explicit permission.

Think about where we went wrong during your forced vegan diet in the coming weeks.


Well then what do you think about the forced operation of meat-packing plants? How does that fit into your narrative?


This. This is truth. @1965buick

Uncle Jack

The meat packing plants WANTED the order from the feds for liability protection. They were wanting to stay in business but some were closing to protect them from the liability of remaining open.

The feds wisely ‘ordered’ them which relieved their liability concerns significantly. Don’t be fooled. It was a wish from them that was granted. Be careful of fake news.


Lame. So, you’re gonna force the workers to work?

Saro Rizzo

We can not let this happen. Contact the Governor’s office like I did this morning and tell him its a horrible idea. Also contact all local officials and voice your concern. They close our businesses and our schools and now they want to close our beaches. I’ve been taking my boys to Avila for the last five days fo a bit of exercise, sun, and fresh air. All things the doctors tell us are necessary to build up and maintain a strong immune system which is necessary to fight off a virus. The vast majority, if not all, of the the other beach goers are practicing safe social distancing. The few that are not are quickly reminded by the active and well trained life guards and they quickly do the right thing. At the beaches with more social distancing problems, better enforcement, and not closure, is the solution. Throwing the baby out with the bath water is not. Don’t forget that the public’s access and use of the beach is guaranteed in the California Constitution. If you are healthy and don’t have the virus you have the right to be out.


I would think Avila will remain open for exercise; it’s Port San Luis Harbor, not State control.


yes, it is your right to go to the beach. our taxes pay for public places and public persons (ie newsam salary) those who wish to go to the beach this weekend should go!


As of right now SLO County has 181 confirmed cases, 5 in Hospital, 1 death (88 years old, underlying health problems), SLO County has close to 300,000 people! Is this Totalitarian crap necessary? Why would it be State wide? The Mayor of Chicago got her hair done, because she’s more important that us, they opened a shuttered golf course so Obama could play. Safety or control?