One dead, one injured after shooting at former judge’s Arroyo Grande home

April 15, 2020


One man is hospitalized with multiple gunshot wounds and the shooter is dead following a dispute at a former U.S. magistrate’s Arroyo Grande home on the 100 block of Pine Street.

During an argument over “drug-related activity,” on April 11, a 41-year-old man shot a 39-year-old man multiple times at a home belonging to 83-year-old Robert DelCampo, Detective Jeff Smith said. The victim was transported to a local hospital where he remains in stable condition.

The following day, Arroyo Grande police asked area law enforcement to be on the lookout for the shooter. It was later discovered, the suspect had fled to Pismo Beach, where he committed suicide.

Because the suspect killed himself, investigators are not releasing his name.

In 2000, under allegations of sexual harassment and theft of public resources, the State Bar temporarily suspended DelCampo’s license to practice law. He is currently listed as practicing law at the site of the shooting.


So they release names of people who TRY to kill themselves but not of people who actually SUCCEED?

Jorge Estrada

“practicing law at the site of the shooting” The same could be said for a firing squad.


Thank you Cal Coast News for this reporting. We live on the street. Were absolutely convinced there was a murder. But officers on site would not tell us anything. Police log lists incident as AOA (which I found out is Assisting other Agency), and officials were otherwise stonewalling us on this. For some reason they were acting like they wanted to keep this a secret.


Sounds like the perfect Attorney for Hill or Helios!!!

what the

Ha! Those two, Hill and Dayspring, are going to need a team of good federal lawyers. Considering Hill’s reaction to the FBI raids on Hill’s work and home, the feds probably have many smoking guns.


Better call Saul?

Ralph Snart

Saul Goodman…