Pismo Beach City Council supports proposed senior housing project

April 9, 2020

The Pismo Beach City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to move forward with negotiations with the Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo (HASLO) regarding a proposed affordable mixed-use senior housing project.

The council’s vote directs City Manager Jim Lewis to negotiate a development agreement with HASLO for a property located at 2655 Shell Beach Road near Spyglass Drive. HASLO is asking the City of Pismo Beach to commit housing in-lieu fee funds to help finance the project.

Occupancy will be limited to seniors making 60 percent or less than the area median income.

If approved, the project would include a 550-square-foot retail space, 21 affordable 1-bedroom senior apartments, one 2-bedroom manager’s unit, a 1,030-square-foot gathering space for residents, an office, and laundry facilities.

Jorge Estrada

Spot on! The only thing that staff should be working on is infrastructure repairs and design for the new to be viewed when the public can be noticed of such expenditures.


Given that people can not attend meetings, are limited to activities I would think only emergency items should proceed through government bureaucracies. This would also reduce the amount of work cities and such need to do so they can reduce costs, the biggest of which everyone knows is salaries and pensions.