SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill resigns as board chair

April 11, 2020

Supervisor Adam Hill


Bowing to community pressure, San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill announced on Saturday afternoon he would be relinquishing his role as chairman, while remaining on the board of supervisors.

In a letter emailed to the county, Hill says he looks forward to resuming his responsibility to represent the people of the third district. However, because of health issues, he is relinquishing the board chair position to Supervisor Lynn Compton.

On March 10, Hill chaired a board of supervisors’ meeting, shortly after learning he had likely won reelection.

A day later, the FBI raided Hill’s office at the county government center and his Shell Beach home. About an hour after the last agent left his home, Hill attempted to kill himself.

Since then, Hill has failed to perform his duties as chair and as a member of the board of supervisors.

On March 30, Hill confirmed his attempted suicide in a press release. He then attributed his attempt on his life to the stresses of running for office.

Hill’s resignation letter, which was emailed to SLO County Administrator Wade Horton and County Counsel Rita Neal:

“I’m writing to let you know that I will be participating in the board meeting on April 21st. Because I must dedicate time to continue my recovery, I think it is best to turn over the Chair to Supervisor Lynn Compton, who will continue to do a fine job.

“Additionally, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I will utilize teleconferencing as my Crohn’s disease is an auto-immune illness and I’ve been advised to restrict my exposure. That said, I speak with my legislative assistant Nicole Nix frequently and know she is doing a superb job with our constituents and other matters.

“I look forward to resuming my responsibilities representing the Third District. It is truly an honor to serve in this capacity and it is the job I love. I look forward to concentrating my efforts on our economic recovery, social services and mental health issues. This has been a tough time for so many.

“Thank you for your understanding as I concentrate my energies on my health, my constituents and these important issues.”

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starlight starbright

Adam Hill, please do the right thing and resign, completely.

This position is clearly harmful to your health, and it means you will not be able to do your job and represent your constituents properly.

How fair is it for you to continue to collect a full salary and benefits while only working part-time? It sounds like your Assistant could do the job alone, why are taxpayers paying for both of you?

Especially since SLO County income is going to be affected by the current economic situation. Why are Supervisors (and other elected officials) allowed to receive payment full salaries whether they work or not – while millions of people are out of work?

Step down and take the time to take care of yourself – it would be irresponsible to retain your seat.

Jorge Estrada

Adam Hill is not of sound mind by his own words and actions, therefore he is ineffective and nothing he can say or do represents a sound decision until a medical/psychological release has been provided. He will need a long path to a healthy mind before he can take care of himself, certainly not the County of San Luis Obispo. Moving forward will require the Board to accept this loss and take the required action for replacement. This is my opinion and best of luck to him.

Silence Dogood

Resign the chair is only halfway there.

Eyes Everywhere

This is the beginning of the end of Hill. Progressives are likely to engage in extreme social distancing from him and his influence will wane. You can bet on a recall happening, but the question is whether or not any Democrat will have the guts to step forward and challenge Hill. Erik Howell is the likely suspect. Maybe someone from SLO.

Niles Q

Someone needs to start a recall petition on Mr. Hill if you’re ever gonna be rid of him. He said himself that the campaign was too much for him to handle, let alone having the FBI breathing down his neck. Perhaps a recall petition drive would be enough for him to see the light and walk away from what is literally killing him.


Wholeheartedly agree, but you have to wait 6 months after he was reelected. Recall petitions could start being circulated on August 4, 2020. Since Hill won’t be going away until the FBI nails him, we should start preparing for the push now…