SLO pot shop red-tagged for violating the rules

April 1, 2020

Inside Natural Healing Center in Grover Beach


San Luis Obispo city officials shut down construction of a marijuana shop on Broad Street because owner Helios Dayspring did not get permits for construction. It is the second time that permitting issues have shut down work on marijuana shops in the city.

After securing one of three coveted pot shop permits, marijuana kingpin Helios Dayspring started construction on his Natural Healing Center in early March. But he did not have the necessary authorization. In order to proceed, Dayspring will need to procure demolition and construction permits.

Late last year, a SLO inspector halted construction at Megan’s Organic Market because the applicants had failed to procure a building permit. While Megan Souza and Eric Powers applied for a permit to rehab a bathroom at the site of the former Drum Circuit on Higuera Street, they did not apply for a construction permit for the shop.

With a copy of the bathroom permit posted outside, Souza and Powers demolished the inside of the whole building and began framing walls, work that was not covered under the bathroom permit.

Even though the SLO City Council voted in 2018 to allow three retail pot shops, none have opened. The third permit winner, Elemental Wellness, was disqualified after a questionable interview with a SLO police detective, and SLOCal Roots slipped into the third spot.

Dayspring has a history of operating beyond the limits of his permits and approvals. It has led to multiple violations at his many marijuana farms.

Questions have arisen over Dayspring’s Natural Healing Center that operates in Grover Beach. California’s cannabis laws prohibit the consumption or smoking of the product at retail shops or in public places. The law also forbids the free distribution of pot.

Three former employees of the Grover Beach store said their boss regularly consumed marijuana products at his shop, and sometimes entertained public officials at the retail facility. These workers, who have asked to remain unnamed for their own safety, said Dayspring also gave free cannabis products to three public officials involved in developing local pot legislation.

For example, one former employee said they delivered complimentary pot to SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill’s home. The deliveries were worth between $300 and $400, they said.

The employees said Dayspring also violated rules banning the free distribution of marijuana, as well as the rule against allowing smoking in public places. A video shows Dayspring at a 2019 employee Christmas party at the Pismo Beach pier, where he laid out free pot products for anyone on the pier, while a group of people passed around a bong.

San Luis Obispo City officials, eager to collect marijuana taxes, are working with Dayspring to help him quickly secure construction permits.

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“ Quickly secure construction permits” , isn’t that an oxymoron? Especially at The city of SLO building department.


I don’t really care, do U ?


Exactly. Just what I was thinking. How about a story about how Tenet Healthcare—owns some local hospitals—is cutting benefits for its employees? Shouldn’t it be the opposite while they are putting their lives on the line during this crisis? And, especially when the feds just passed a billion dollar bailout for hospital corporations. I guess the message is that investors are more important than doctors. Whether or not pot stores are somehow skirting the law is probably not that important in the larger scheme of things right now.


Boy oh Boy ,, the swamp is getting thicker by the day. FBI raids ,, business owners plotting against each other ,, employees turning on old employers ,, city and county employees and elected officials getting nervous etc etc .Wow sometimes this stuff can’t be made up LOL .Well kids tune in tommorow for the next exciting episode

a view from the oaks

Have to chuckle watching the number of ‘up votes’ go down…Wanna bet the king pin and the supervisor, and ‘other public officials’ —have their minions trolling the site


Marijuana stores average about $50,000 a day in revenue and a construction permit costs about $3,000. How stoned does one have to be to forget, twice, to get a construction permit. Everyone in the industry knows Helios Dayspring is the actual owner of Megan’s Organics.

So Helios Dayspring loses about six months of sales and has to pay double for a permit at a loss off about $500,000, because he forgot he needs a construction permit. Wow!!!


$50K daily revenue? Here in SLO? I need to rethink my career choice.

a view from the oaks

Violations? What violations? I don’t see no stinkin’ violations…


The owners of the dance studio that left after they lost students because of the smell of smoking pot appears to have a legitimate claim against the city and Helios Dayspring.


There was and is lack of smell worth complaining about strangling free enterprise and being a snowflake.


Probably was not so much the smell, but the dope head losers who hang out there. Perhaps the stores look to be pillars of an uppity evolving society,however 90% of the clientele say otherwise. Of course there is a legitimate need for the medical end of things, but like everything else people abuse and misuse the med pot card/system. I see it every day,pathetic.Hill is a perfect example, I was once myself until I pulled my head outta my backside and grew up.


It’s a recreational legal drug and ESSENTIAL business providing safe FDA product and many JOBS like coffee, nicotine, alcohol, tea, hot peppers; have you had a really hot pepper and almost pass out? Also, do you blame a gun for a murder, or the murderer? Same goes with a harmless, none opiate plant. Coffee has a sad, sad history, which is worth my discontent imo. Any accredited medical professional is worried more about alcohol vs harmless marijuana or green tea.

Eyes Everywhere

Not to worry. Helios will just pick up the phone, call his buddy Adam Hill, and—

Oh, wait. Never mind.


Why aren’t all these criminals locked up?


Come now, such minor infractions of “SLO CO” law and you want them locked up? Have you no compassion for the scum of the county?


Why isn’t John Wallace in jail? It’s slo co, you got political bribe money, you pass go.


Surely you know why. It was either $30k or $60K to pay off 4 felonies that’s why. Typical SLO Co economics. Pay to play.