Another North County nursing facility employee contracts coronavirus

May 21, 2020

An employee of the Danish Care Center in Atascadero has tested positive for coronavirus, according to Compass Health, which owns the skilled nursing facility. [KSBY]

Compass Health CEO Darren Smith said the employee who tested positive is a certified nursing assistant. There have been no reports of Danish Care Center residents experiencing any coronavirus-like symptoms or irregularities, Smith said.

Previously, two employees of Vineyard Hills Health Center in Templeton tested positive for coronavirus. Vineyard Hills Health Center is also a skilled nursing facility owned by Compass Health.

Health officials tested all 79 residents and 139 employees at Vineyard Hills, and there were no other reported cases.

Danish Care Center is a 65-bed facility, according to its website. Smith said he expects to release more information Thursday about the Danish Care Center coronavirus case.

Thus far, there have been no coronavirus cases at other skilled nursing facilities in San Luis Obispo County.


A second positive test….but not sick. They could have been infected months ago.

Also, let’s remember that everyone was supposed to be dead! Now we’re freaking out (we’re told to freak out, even if we don’t) over 2 positive tests……talk about moving the goal posts! We were trying for a flat curve…..mission accomplished.

Now we’re supposed to be concerned over a positive test…..