FBI agents interviewing San Luis Obispo County officials

May 15, 2020


FBI agents have interviewed four San Luis Obispo County supervisors in their homes in the last five days, county officials say.

The interviews lasted as little as 30 minutes and as long as three hours. Agents asked the supervisors about process, harassment and corruption, county officials say. The specifics of the FBI investigation have not been released by federal authorities.

For years, however, people involved in development and cannabis businesses have alleged a group of consultants, politicians and goverment staffers have participated in pay-to-play schemes, which CalCoastNews has exclusively reported. The allegations are widespread, and include city and county governments.

Amid allegations of pay-to-play regarding the approval of marijuana retail shops in Grover Beach, then-councilwoman Debbie Peterson resigned in Feb. 2019, noting widespread corruption. She later accused former Mayor John Shoals and current Mayor Jeff Lee of taking bribes. Both Lee and Shoals denied the allegations.

Earlier this year, FBI agents raided Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee’s home, said several Grover Beach city sources, who asked not to be disclosed. Lee did not respond to requests for comment regarding the alleged raid.

During the early morning hours of March 11, FBI agents served a search and seizure warrant under seal to the County of San Luis Obispo. Agents then searched Supervisor Adam Hill’s office on the fourth floor, a county official said. Hours after the search, Hill was taken to Arroyo Grande Hospital following a suicide attempt. He was released on March 12 after being placed on a psychiatric hold following a reported overdose, according to county sources.

Agents searched Hill’s Pismo Beach home the same day that agents searched his office. The last agent left the Hill home around noon, said a photographer for CalCoastNews parked outside Hill’s home.

On March 30, Hill confirmed he attempted suicide earlier in the month, which he attributed to the stresses of running for office and ongoing mental health issues.

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I hope all you corrupt scumbags “leaders” eat sand

While the “FBI” is in town and on the hunt, maybe they can inquire about the County’s and City’s astronomically funded legal attacks on property owners who are engaged in protecting their water rights, just that which is inherent with their ownership of land. The public is oblivious to the extent their tax dollars are funding this folly which is nothing short of a communist taking of property.

The FBI is conducting job interviews. They heard we had corruption. They’re investigating to see if our little cadre of corrupt politicians might yield a prospect or two for the FBI’s farm team.

Hill would make a great assistant to the assistant director…..

Where’s Adam Hill?

He is still working with his attorney on, one turning against those he once committed crimes with, and two working on his workers comp/disability claim against the county so he can get his lifetime salary plus benefits.

Don’t forget the political pressure to get re-elect to the job of managing this county, his alter ego “a suicidal maniac” was exposed. (This is not nice to share but essential to not ignore or even worse, forget). That said, he is always forgiven in his personal life.

The supervisors and county Administrator Wade Horton have been aware of the corruption for years. Wade discovered several people in the planning department were taking bribes, instead of calling law enforcement, he ordered everyone to keep quiet, and told the offending parties to resign or get fired.

People are always saying government staff take bribes. Name Names. Make it public.

That’s the SLO County Playbook 101 “Go Along to Get Along,” in government acronym-speak it is GAG or GAGA because there’s nothing agency administrators hate worse than a brouhaha! It could mean they get fired by their (corrupt) agency board or they could be held accountable for their actions by the public.

Working with government administrators, agency lawyers will do just about anything to keep things quiet – they act for city hall – protecting the board or staff, or even themselves, rather than protecting the people of the community who have funded and established the agency to serve the community.

Now you’ve got me wondering, Cindy. After Horton gave his ultimatum who resigned? Who got fired? I don’t recall a mass exodus, although I suspect many were corrupt, and more, like Horton, colluded to survive, because not exposing the bad actors is a form of collusion. It allows them to go on and become worse and worse.

Think how much we would have been spared if Cal Poly (yes, another government agency hating a brouhaha) had done the right thing and been honest about why Adam Hill was let go. They, like Horton, got the big bucks and colluded. I expect their attorneys said to let it go. And in so doing, were looking after the interests of the corrupt, not the interests of the people who pay them.

Good news that the FBI is stepping in to thwart political corruption in our county:)

Bad news that corruption is considered non violent crime and wouldn’t even require bail:(

Just hope that the FBI finds enough evidence to end the reign of bad actors like Helios Dayspring and others that take advantage of weak politicians!!!

Boldguy, I agree that Helios is bad, bad news, but I strongly disagree with any inference that “weak” politicians are being taken advantage of? Since when are politicians a protected class? Since when is it OK to swear an oath to protect the public and then steal from the public? Nope, the politicians have every bit as much responsibility for their “weak” choices as does Dayspring. Politicians being preyed upon? I think not.