Gov. Gavin Newsom changes rules for reopening, again

May 18, 2020

Gov. Gavin Newsom

After noting the number of people hospitalized in California is trending downward, Newsom announced Monday he is reducing requirements to reopen, which will permit 53 of the states 58 counties to move more quickly to reopen.

Last week, Newsom required counties to have no more than one new case of coronavirus per 100,000 residents every 14 days. He has now reduced that requirement to 2.5 new cases of coronavirus per 100,000 residents every 14 days, giving San Luis Obispo County the ability to reduce shelter at home requirements.

Counties will still have to demonstrate to the state that the latest set of requirements has been met in order to move forward and open restaurants for modified dining.

Sometime in the next two weeks, Newsom said he also plans to reveal specifics for reopening in-store retail shopping, barber shops and beauty salons and permitting sporting events without spectators.

Nationwide, the number of coronavirus deaths has been trending downward. On Sunday, there were 865 U.S. coronavirus related deaths, the second time since April 1 that there has been under 1,000 daily deaths.


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Newsom has a dilemma on his hands, on the one side; he wants total control over the population, on the other; he’s greedy for the tax dollars. Which are not flowing into Sacramento right now.


Yep, time to open up. But make sure you’re taking your hydroxychloroquine.


Only under the care of a physician, yes.


Well, of course. All I had to do was contact my physician and say, “I want what Trump is taking.” I’m 72, only a year younger than Trump and I am also morbidly obese (was a lightweight in my wrestling days at AG High), but things happen. No problem in securing a weekly dose. Kind of pricey, but I can afford it. Haven’t tested positive yet, and I use the Abbot test a couple times a week (again, kind of pricey, but I can afford it).


And if your Dr. didn’t feel comfortable with your prescription request he would say “no.”

It’s a prescription drug after all…

Get over it


Only if the pharmacy thinks it’s to help prevent inflammation in your joints or if one has malaria.


Nope, strictly as a preventative for COVID. No arthritis, no malaria (although I have cruised the Panama Canal with Royal Caribbean). Also prescribed zinc and said he thought the whole coronavirus thing would go away as the summer months set in. Great doctor. At least, people are saying he’s a great doctor.


The numbers that are stated in this article are incorrect. Newsom’s previous metric was 1 new case per 10,000 population in the last 14 days; so based on our 283,000 population that’s 28 cases in 14 days. We currently have 44 new cases in last 14 days. The governer’s updated metric is 25 new cases per 100,000 in last 14 days; so for our county that’s 70 cases which is much greater than our actual number of 44 cases. So, we comply with all the governor’s metrics; therefore let’s open up our county!


I’m sure Sweet Tomatoes closing 100 locations, and Specialty’s closing 50 drew some attention.


What qualifies as .5 of a case? having only one symptom……typical government BS


2.5 is a ratio. 1 case for every 40,000, if the ratio is 2.5 per 100,000.


Can’t we just recall this moron?


Newsom has full command of the virus! It obeys him!

Or, as is a more accurate description, “Newsom has full command of the response to the virus! We obey him!”

He’s done such a good job, at this point we don’t even need a virus. We’re leash trained and compliant, ready to be injected.

I can’t wait for the “second wave!” It’s been predicted, which means it should be absolutely awesome. The few small businesses that survived Covid-response will get to die; teachers and school employees will get furloughed, and perhaps some new non-essential business can go under! Yay!

They’re just a bit nervous there isn’t more dead bodies stacked up. People are starting to wonder about the official lies……normally in a pandemic we know people who are sick…..

But even so, Newsom is in command. All the cattle are happy and the ones who aren’t won’t be around too much longer.

Here’s a great idea for a new business: contract with moving van rental companies to drive their vehicles back to CA after all the one-way rentals for people who give up and leave CA.


Gavin is drunk with power.

Always has been, always will be.


Seems like he’s stepped up the timeline for releasing control. He’s mad!


Most coronavirus infections occur indoors when people are in sustained proximity. So, let’s increase the air flow in potentially crowded spaces, by closing off streets in front of restaurants and bars, to allow open street dining. Why not? It’s spring.

Good news! Moderna COVID-19 vaccine shows promise.

Francesca Bolognini

Thank you for the good news and the only comment so far that doesn’t sound moronic. Things have been extremely well managed in this county and state. Far superior to what happened in New York or any of the Southern “red” states.. It amazes me when people cannot recognize their good fortune when it happens. We in California have become an example of how things are done. This county has been exemplary, with the exceptions of a few people who, behaving like willful children, have ignored the guidelines and been responsible for spikes of infections in their areas. You know who and where you are. But by and large, San Luis County has made me proud.. Believe me, I know it was not easy.


Hmmm, Paso? They wish they were a red state.