Beverly’s Fabrics to close down after 48 years in SLO

August 8, 2020

After 48 years in business, Beverly’s Fabrics on Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo is closing its doors in November.

In about 100 days, the fabric and notions store is slated to close leaving 12 people out of a job. Employees were previously informed of the upcoming closure.

Late last year, Beverly’s Fabrics in Bakersfield closed, followed by Beverly’s Fabrics in Monterey earlier this year.

Almost a dozen stores have closed, leaving only the Soquel Beverly’s Fabrics open.

As the SLO store prepares to close, the store will reduce prices.

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I will miss the store and it’s people. Beverly’s now joins the likes of Riley’s, JC Penny’s Downtown, Sears Downtown, Laws Hobby Shop, Fordsns and a variety of other establishments long gone that made shopping in the city core a pleasant experience. Sadly, we don’t have the stores but we do have the memories.

You forgot Montgomery Ward, Green Brothers, and Put Ons. On the other hand, in the 70’s SLO had only a few downtown bars. Look at the progress!

Christmas Downtown will never be the same :(

Thanks to Mayor Harmon and her minions. You continue to destroy your city. How pathetic she is.

The chain is closing in other cities too, yet it is the fault of the SLO Mayor?

A very large store, usually vacant of patrons, in downtown SLO business district was bound to go. Just like Korb’s trading post, the old downtown sears, etc. I am sure the ownership group will do just fine. The employees? Not so much.

Is the Mayor changing downtown or is it developers like Rossi and Copeland? What does your common sense say?

You still have the Cotton Ball in MB :-)

And who is allowing the developers to change downtown? The mayor and council……

The last 10 mayors and councils to be exact.. I would not lay the blame at the foot of one tree hugger Mayor. I don’t believe she was in charge when Abercrombie et al went in with 4 stories. Used to be able to see the mountains downtown.

We stopped old Ernie Diladio didn’t we? That prime at land hasn’t been developed…by him. Next one up please. No Prada overpass now too.

I think it’s 3 stories. I would have noticed the 4th. But then that’s before I stopped dropping acid at work.