More than 77,000 SLO County residents have already voted

October 26, 2020


A little more than a week in advance of the primarily vote-by-mail election, approximately 40 percent of San Luis Obispo County voters have already turned in their ballots.

Meanwhile, election officials have accepted 98.94 percent of the SLO County ballots submitted thus far, according to the California Secretary of State’s office.

As of Friday, SLO County voters have submitted 77,028 ballots. Election officials have accepted 76,211 of those ballots. They have rejected 817 ballots for issues such as failure to sign.

Officials issued ballots to a total of 187,896 voters in SLO County. A total of 110,868 voters have yet to submit ballots.

The vast majority of ballots SLO County voters have turned in have been submitted by mail. County voters have submitted 74,260 ballots by mail.

Voters have also submitted 2,047 ballots by drop box, 422 ballots at a drop-off location and 299 ballots by fax.

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Good. Glad to hear this. People are engaged which is nice to see. With all the early voting way up this election nation wide, why do the Dems insist changing the process on extending the ballot acceptance beyond November 3? Seems very shady and underhanded to me. I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot politically, if they would be so willing to promote potential and likely voter fraud?

The Democrat Party motto this election, Vote early, and vote often.

It was Trump that encouraged voting twice. His own words. How anyone can take someone’s exact words and ignore them, but THEN repeat something that was never said cahows the blatant ignorance of the right.

The vast majority has not voted while the pollsters and trendsetter are out twisting the mind of the fence setters. On national TV you hear the spinsters using the vernacular of Trump’s 2016 win as a miraculous victory or Biden saying that he is going to represent everyone if he wins in 2020. The reality is that Trump won the electorate and he will likely win again because people do not want more taxes but then again many like the stale reassuring words of Biden. So what will it be, the bitter medicine or the sweet poison? Everyone only had to mark their the dots, sign the envelope and place it in a mailbox but only the smaller fraction has voted thus far.

Personally, my taxes shot up considerably under Trump, primarily because he eliminated the ability to deduct state and local tax, so now we all get unfairly double taxed which hits especially hard in a high tax state in California. He also eliminated the ability to deduct most of the property tax and mortgage interest on expensive homes, which again hits us homeowners in expensive real estate states like California. Yes, the standard deduction was increased slightly, but that was a drop in the bucket compared to the deductions we lost. Trump was not shy about admitting that he made those changes intentionally to punish people living in “liberal blue states” like California who didn’t vote for him, even though it collaterally damages his fellow conservatives who also live in those states. When politicians take an “us vs them” mentality, we all lose.

The write offs even for teachers were removed by Trump.

Can someone explain why those ballots can not be tabulated, results held onto until 8pm election day then released so that results can be announced as early as possible?

While I have total confidence in our election officials, any leak of early results could be detrimental to the process.