Sexual predator attacking women on Santa Barbara County trails

November 26, 2020


The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a possible sexual predator on hiking trails, following two reported incidents of sex crimes against hikers in rural areas.

On Oct. 11, a male suspect accosted a female and threatened to sexually assault her on the Baron Ranch Trail. Then on Nov. 8, a male suspect sexually assaulted a female on the Aliso Trail, according to the sheriff’s office.

It is unclear whether the two incidents involved the same suspect. Both incidents occurred on rural trails that had very few hikers at the time.

An investigation is ongoing, and anyone who has information about the case is asked to call sheriff’s detectives at (805) 681-4150.

Sheriff’s officials are encouraging hikers to go out with a companion on planned trips that end before sunset. Additionally, officials recommend hikers give detailed plans ahead of time to a trusted friend or family member and have a way to contact someone while on the trail.

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Ever hear of the buddy system? C’mon girls, don’t be naïve. Be smart.

Gosh. If only there were small hand held device that a woman could carry upon her person, that could launch a projectile at high speed, in order to fend off violent predators, and possibly end the immoral careers of self anointed criminals…

Water, check. Hiking poles, check. snack, check. Sunscreen, check. Gun…

Sad thing is, if a woman had said device on her person, she would be the criminal:(

Remember. this is California, the sexual predator would serve a small percentage of his sentence, get fed and housed, free medical care, little unemployment thrown in, and a mail in ballot too!!!

Adam Hill’s ghost?

It always baffles me that the “authorities” never recommend that women buy a gun, learn to use it, and carry it when alone and isolated.

There has to be some kind of physical description of this scumbag other than male. Approximate age, race, height , weight are just the basics that most victims can identify.