SLO police increase patrols, cite those having prohibited gatherings

November 6, 2020

Statement by San Luis Obispo City Administrators

The City of San Luis Obispo continues to take action to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the community. With the recent spike in new cases, the City of San Luis Obispo, in coordination with Cal Poly and the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department, have increased targeted outreach to both on-campus and off-campus residents.

The targeted outreach focuses on the 18 to 29 age range and public health guidelines:

  • Wear a face covering in public
  • Maintain six feet of distance from others outside your household
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Get tested

In addition, the San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly Police Departments will be increasing proactive patrols over the weekend and enforcing violations of the Safety Enhancement Zone. The Safety Enhancement Zone doubles the fine for violations for noise, unruly gatherings, open alcohol container, public urination and violations of public health orders.

The San Luis Obispo Police Department will continue to issue citations for gatherings that violate public health orders.

City Manager Derek Johnson stated: “We all have a personal responsibility to family, friends, small businesses, and the medical community to be attentive and to follow public health orders.  The Community has asked for, and we will be more vigorous in our enforcement, of Public Health Orders.  We can do and must do better”

In recent weeks, the City of San Luis Obispo has taken additional actions to slow the spread by offering alternative activities for Halloween and Día de los Muertos and monitoring wastewater samples for COVID-19 genetic markers.

For more information from the City’s response to COVID-19, please visit our site. The City is committed to keeping our community informed.

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“…public urination…” does that include the homeless people who publicly urinate and defecate all over downtown and in our parks, or just drunken Cal Poly students?

Does this include BLM members and wannabes who have seemingly enjoyed legal immunity to all such rules, including sitting as groups in the center of intersections, while blocking traffic for the last several months?

No, it does not. And BLM remains free to extort protection money from downtown businesses as well. And Jalen Hammer remains quarterback of the Cal Poly football team that should not exist on a “scholarship” having nothing to do with scholarship that should not exist.

Eh, that’s an opinion. You’re entitled to it, it’s not a majority opinion thank goodness!. Things will calm down now Nationally, back into the closet for Right Wing Radical Terrorist Nationalists, where they belong. In the sewers of our society like rats. BLM. No justice no peace. Biden won. Back on to the track to prosperity, socialism USA style, a safe environment for my kid, and benefits for the proletariat. Bless the USA.

While I’m in no way a “Right Wing Radical Terrorist Nationalist”, vexing individuals like yourself would certainly label me as such.

With that in mind, if you think I’m going “back into the closet” (a place I have yet to visit) due to a stolen presidential election, you need to guess again.

Like millions, I’m now on edge and I’m dug in — although I won’t be destroying the property of others as a result.

RESIST. Just try us. Enough said.

Man, are you Ok ? Dude, stop the hate, time to heal.

“Time to heal?” Just as soon as you and yours make reparations for what you did to the nation for the last 4+ years.

Amen to that! I am fighting back too.

As an Alumni, Cal Poly can forget about any future contributions.

Me too

The election is over and with it, the funding for feigned outrage.

Or Right Wing loose nut Hostage take overs, harassing poll workers in mobs? Armed militias attempting to kill elected officials? Right wing Covidiots?

One incident of some “wing nuts” in Michigan plotted to kidnap the governor. How ironic that one of the leaders was an ardent Trump hater!

On the other hand, what did happen Kevin rise is that mobs made up of left wing Biden supporters burned cities and destroyed thousands of small businesses, many of which were owned by hard working people of color. All while the left wing media and the cultural and administrative elites from Silicon Valley, to Hollywood, and the swampy depths of every big democrat controlled American city, stood by and called them mostly peaceful and did nothing to stop it.

This happened not once but night after night. Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, and the left wing facist media own this fact and history will not be so kind to them

Face facts, Trump supporters were not burning and looting, that was done by Biden supporters.