Weiss closing in on Morro Bay Mayor Headding in latest report

November 6, 2020

John Weiss


Incumbent Morro Bay Mayor John Headding’s lead over his opponent John Weiss has shrunk as more ballots are counted.

On election night, Headding led by 327 votes, or 52.48% to 47.46%. While Heading led in early mail in ballots, Weiss led among poll voters.

Following Friday’s count of additional ballots from the general election, Headding has 51.59 percent, compared to Weiss’ 48.41 percent. The candidates are currently separated by 189 votes, with 1,315 ballots left to be counted for Morro Bay, according to unofficial election results.

If the remaining ballots run statistically with poll voters, Weiss will surpass Headding by more than 100 votes, and win the mayor’s race.

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I totally disagree about the City Manager comments. He deserves every penny he makes. His job is to manage/implement the decisions the City Council makes. He does not make independent decisions (I wish he could). His job is to dig the city out from the mess that these temporary leaders make every 2-4 years.

Morro Bay needs to get its employee compensation in line. All top managers need to take a sizable pay cut for at least two years. All employees must make greater compensation to their PERS and the city should consider contracting with Cal Fire for its fire Dept. in a community not even 10,000, a fire chief and City manager should not be making $180k plus benefits. Ridiculous!!

Good points, they should of contracted out to Cal Fire awhile back, to the Sheriffs Department too!

Morro Bay employee’s are already paid less than surrounding municipalities, Cal Pers is eating their budget alive, at this rate they’ll have no employee’s and still be facing budget shortfalls:(

Elected officials are really good at spending other peoples money, increasing revenue, not so much!

The Sewer Plant fiasco is a prime example!!!

That’s true, rank-and-file employees are paid less than SLO and Paso. However in my comment I was speaking specifically of managers. For wage and benefits comparisons go to the Transparent California website.

Leave rank and file salaries alone.

Well that’s good news, at least a little hope for Morro Bay!

Many are starting to believe that Morro Bay will cease being a City in the near future and be taken over by the County.

John Weiss is a good man and has been a long time resident and business owner in Morro Bay. Really hope he wins this. He truly cares about Morro Bay and it’s residents.