Cal Poly San Luis Obispo cancels fall sports

December 12, 2020


The Big West Conference Board of Directors announced Thursday it has canceled fall sports, which will result in the Cal Poly soccer, cross county and volleyball teams not engaging in formal competition for the entirety of the 2020-2021 school year.

Previously, the Big West Conference announced it had postponed the fall athletic season for the remainder of 2020. The conference has now decided not to move scheduled competition for men’s and women’s soccer; men’s and women’s cross country; and women’s indoor volleyball to the spring of 2021, citing public health concerns.

The decision does not impact Cal Poly’s football and basketball seasons.

In football, Cal Poly competes in the Big Sky Conference. Cal Poly is scheduled to play a delayed and shortened football season, starting on Feb. 27.

Meanwhile, basketball, which is considered a winter sport is already underway. The men’s basketball season began on Nov. 27. Thus far, the Cal Poly men’s basketball team has played three games, and it has had one cancellation.

Women’s basketball began on Nov. 25. Thus far, the Cal Poly women’s team has only played two games.

Big West officials say they will continue to monitor and evaluate the medical and safety protocols for basketball. The manner in which the basketball season unfolds will guide the decision the conference makes on whether or not to allow spring sports, such as baseball and softball, to take place in 2021. The conference says it will likely make a decision on spring sports by late January.

“Protecting the health and safety of student-athletes and following public health guidelines are our top priorities,” Big West Commissioner Dan Butterly said in a statement. “Despite a strong desire to return our fall sport student-athletes to competition, the board unanimously agreed that the resources and protocols needed to safely and equitably conduct fall, winter and spring sports seasons concurrently was not in line with those priorities nor in the best interests of our student-athletes and coaches.”

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Bummer…. Sports and school is a big deal for some people for other people not so much…but it is kinda a I’m not sure if this is the right word “institution” of school.

Couldn’t agree more Mitch, The CP quarterback, Jalen Hamler should have been arrested along with Tianna Arata after the Hwy 101 shutdown and the pregnant women trying to get to the hospital. But he has value to CP so he was whisked away quickly.. I’m a long time stampede supporter but no longer. I do not support this university anymore period. I know I’m not alone either.

They need to create an actual game that involves an actual moving goal post, to exemplify everything about 2020’s “health and safety” decisions. So frigg’n arbitrary and random.

Good. They can cancel all of it as far as I’m concerned. I’m done, and way beyond any further support of them in all things. They’re no longer worthy of my funds.

Could not agree more. Specifically, the quarterback should have his scholarship revoked and expelled from the school.

Aww. So sad! I’m sure they are really going to miss you.

I don’t think they’ll miss me, but they will miss my money.

So is the school going to return tuition money to the athletes?….they should….other schools are playing….

You apparently forgot that the purpose of attending university (and what the tuition pays for) is getting an education, not playing sports. That’s like saying I should get a tuition refund if the chess club I really wanted to join got disbanded my freshman year.