Eight people died from the coronavirus in SLO County, a new record

December 30, 2020

San Luis Obispo County set a one-day record on Tuesday for coronavirus-related deaths, reporting eight fatalities.

As SLO County’s reporting of new coronavirus cases lags behind the state’s reporting, CalCoastNews will now report daily case numbers from the state while reporting cases by city from the county. Testing labs forward positive coronavirus results to the state, which forwards the cases on to counties to verify residency and do contact tracing, which at times takes several days.

Of the 10,387 confirmed coronavirus cases in SLO County, 7,919 individuals have recovered, and 82 have died. Of those still suffering from the virus, there are 58 people in the hospital — 11 in the intensive care unit, and 2,468 recuperating at home.

Cases by city:

Paso Robles — 2,264
San Luis Obispo — 2,152
Atascadero — 897
Arroyo Grande — 733
CMC inmates, SLO County numbers — 726
Nipomo — 696
Grover Beach — 414
Oceano — 353
Templeton — 308
San Miguel — 286
Cal Poly residents — 256
Los Osos — 208
Morro Bay — 201
Pismo Beach — 155
Ash-patients — 124
Shandon — 89
Santa Margarita — 84
Cambria — 72
Creston — 43
Cayucos — 43
Avila Beach — 16
San Simeon — 8

As of Tuesday evening, there have been 2,251,733 positive cases, and 25,023 deaths in California.

Currently, more than 20,216,991 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 350,778 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 83,060,276 cases with 1,812,046 dead.

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I said it in an earlier post, we are surging. This is out of control.

We need to lockdown completely just like Australia and wuhan did. This is how they flattened the curve and controlled the virus.

If there some collateral damage of businesses and jobs lost, that’s the price we have to pay to protect our vulnerable.


“When in danger or in doubt, run in circles scream and shout”

I suppose the 41 year old Representative-elect from Louisiana didn’t die from COVID, because he had a heart attack caused by, whoops “with”, COVID.

Based on your logic no one dies SPECIFICALLY from cancer. The organ failed, it just happened to have cancer in it.

There you have the last illogical right wing rational.

How to convince someone of a truth they can’t fathom? A mind that has to deny what it can’t absorb?

And you get up votes, amazing. The disease is one thing, but the mental displays are even more disturbing. Free your Trumpy minds.

I work with people that literally think there are microchips in vaccines, that Trump won and denounce Democracy and would rather kill their neighbors in a civil race war, that women shouldn’t be in control of their body, believe in only 1 God and denounce others, think science is fake and Jesus’s love will keep them safe. And so on, and so on. And sadly many of our local undereducated politicians share these conspiracies and cult ideologies. Pretty darn sad.

I bet there is no way to convince you. Stay healthy out there.

Messkit — You are either a forensic pathologist, or a complete idiot. I think the latter.

One of those that died was a rancher I’ve been doing business with for 30 years:(

He was strong as a bull 3 weeks ago, feeding cattle and seeing to his ranch needs!

Yes he was 89 years old, but he wasn’t in a rest home or house bound having to use a walker!!

How ever you want to look at it, his life was cut short by the Corona Virus:(

Sounds like he lived a good life and died with his boots on,

Can’t ask for much more!