California to lift stay-at-home orders on Monday

January 25, 2021

Outdoor dining on Monterey Street with protesters lined up on the sidewalk in the background


Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to lift stay-at-home orders across the state on Monday, the California Restaurant Association (CRA) announced.

Senior officials in Newsom’s administration informed the CRA late Sunday evening that Newsom plans to lift the stay-at-home order in all of California’s regions on Monday, according to a letter the CRA sent to its members. Under the stay-at-home order, restaurants were barred from serving customers both inside and outside.

“A formal announcement is expected tomorrow and we will send you further information as soon as it’s available,” The CRA stated in its letter. “For now, we thought you’d like to know this good news.”

Currently, the Southern California region, to which San Luis Obispo County belongs, along with the Bay Area and San Joaquin Valley regions are under stay-at-home orders. The Northern California and Greater Sacramento regions are not under lockdown orders.

Since ordering new coronavirus rules in early December, Newsom has allowed regions to emerge from the stay-at-home orders if his office projects that in four weeks their ICU capacity will rise above 15 percent. It is unclear what criteria may be factoring into a potential decision to lift the remaining lockdown orders.

In the aftermath of Newsom’s recent decision to lift the Greater Sacramento region’s stay-at-home order, state officials created controversy when they refused to disclose how they project whether a region’s ICU capacity will rise above 15 percent. When questioned about how they make the projections, state health officials said they rely on a complex set of measurements that would confuse and potentially mislead the public if disclosed.


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Amazing what a widely distributed AP article and an impending recall can do.


Am waiting for my shots and clearance! But even after my shots, I will continue to wear masks. Why? I don’t need to spread COVID to others and harm their lives. I do a double mask now, N95 on the outside, surgical on the inside.


Mazin, why would you do that?

According to some of the experts I have listened to, including a local GP, several weeks after you have received both doses it would be extremely unlikely that you could still be a vector.

I mean, after most of the-country is completely inoculated how much longer will you continue present day safety protocols? Do you ever intend to get back to a semblance of “normal”? Do you believe that society can get back to something close to “normal.”?

I’m not being flippant or rhetorical, just asking.


That sounds very heroic, I’m glad you feel so good a about yourself for wearing so many masks and posting about it.


It’s a wisdom and safety thing. The variants are more contagious. How to deal with variants? Double mask in appropriate locales.

Jon Tatro

Complex measurements which would confuse and mislead the public, no shit because you made up your data and policies which actually conflicted with real science. These idiots can’t even lie very well.

Adam Trask

Great that restaurants and more businesses will open. But, please wear your masks, folks, even if you’ve had the vaccine. This will be over soon if we all do the right thing.

Shocked in MB

For those of you who do not believe this is about politics and politicians worrying about their future only, please look at the extraordinary LA Times Graph posted today. Drastic upward swing on Corona and Governor cuts back on restrictions (I am sure it has nothing to do with the RECALL NEWSOME movement)


LOL “… unclear what criteria may be factoring into a potential decision to lift the remaining lockdown orders”? It’s called a recall and self preservation. Lord Grewsom and his gang are most importantly about their own power – not what is or isn’t good for the wellbeing of their constituents. The shutdown was about power because a lot of research has stated shutdowns don’t work – for a variety of reason. Science and the recall overwhelmed his want for an Orwellian society. Sacramento proves they’re just the POS’ we know them to be.


Typical gub’ment speak, lots of words saying nothing. Are restaurants open? Inside dinning? Full capacity? Half? Quarter? Are we going back to the rainbow tier system? Geez, they can talk for hours and not say a word!


Gavin’s staff has convinced him that he will have a recall to deal with if he doesn’t cancel his lockdown orders. Everything about politics, not effectively managing the state.


Good, let’s NOW wear masks, social distance, washing hands when appropriate. Let’s save our local economy by acting sensible.

This anti-mask stuff is like listening to men that are in their fifth marriage, yet still too prideful to adjust their behavior.


It’s really silly that mazin’s post was voted down hard. I’m all for opening up, but I’m also for everyone wearing their masks. What’s wrong with that?

kevin rise

Yeah it was, downvotes for mazins comment is pretty despicable. You dont go into public when sick, masks are nothing but a benefit, unless you’re a fringe cultist. There needs to be punishment for people willfully not wearing them. Unless your def, to protest masks is literal insanity.


What a sexist thing to say mazin; I can’t think of a misogynistic comment so I’ll just leave it at that.

But it’s what itneverends said, “Gavin’s staff has convinced him that he will have a recall to deal with if he doesn’t cancel his lockdown orders.”

It has NOTHING to do with your health and safety.

Francesca Bolognini

Don’t feel bad about being voted down. That is a compliment to your intelligence in general, I believe. When the gov. says that the public wouldn’t understand their reasoning, it is completely obvious, by most of the posts in this comments section, that they are 100% correct. By and large, most of the posts here show nothing to contradict that idea. They twist statements so hard, I often wonder whose government they are supporting, because it is obviously not ours or the wellbeing of our prople.


With all of your negativity towards people that have a different perception, perspective, or views is why you have negative votes on this platform.


We can give some credit to kprl for this anti-mask attitude. They have done such a disservice to all of us by down-playing “the rona” and demonizing mask wearing since this whole thing started. My guess is most of their listeners are from Paso which has the highest case count.


Mazin, with the exception of a few outliers, I don’t think the grumbling and controversy is about masks. My personal experience leads me to believe that there appears to be a high rate of compliance. Indeed, most people do the right thing, most of the time. That’s the concept for establishing many speed limits. And the concept works, most of the time.

I believe a good deal of the friction has more to do with the wholesale shutdown of small businesses like restaurants, salons, and grammar schools. L.A. County health Dept data showed only around 3 percent of positive cases linked to dining. It was 1.4 percent in the state of NY. Yet Florida, with a sizable population faired a little better than both Ca and NY but was able to keep more businesses open, albeit still with some restrictions. Clearly, a different approach that yielded noticeably better results.

I think here in California the bruha was, and still is, that the Governor claims to be “following the science” but appears to just be saying the words and doing anything but that. And when he pressed, refuses to provide his scientific reasoning because we might not understand it or might misconstrue the data… I hope you can see how utterly condescending that is and why so many people, Democrats and Republicans alike, want him removed from office. The same is true for Governor’s Cuomo, Murphy and Whitman. They don’t appear to be. “following the science.”

This virus has become so politicized that the phrase, “follow the science” has lost meaning and become a loaded term. Likewise, mask wearing, unfortunately, has for some become a form of virtue signaling.