FedEx driver rescues elderly woman in Atascadero

January 24, 2021

A FedEx driver helped rescue an elderly Atascadero woman who fell down in the rain on Friday and was unable to get back up on her own.

While delivering a package in Atascadero, Kaitlin Casarez thought she heard cries for help, but then decided no, she was just hearing things. But as she walked back to the FedEx van she heard, “Someone please help me,” Casarez posted on Facebook.

The driver then walked around to the backyard and found a woman on the ground, in the rain. The woman, identified as Ruth, had fallen without having her phone on her to call for help.

Casarez then called 911 and Ruth’s family.

“Her name was Ruth and she was the sweetest little lady,” Casarez posted on Facebook. “I hope everything turns out OK for her and she didn’t end up breaking anything. Thank God I was in the right place at the right time.”


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Jorge Estrada

There must be more of these good stories out there.


God bless them both. That’s a good news story. Thanks.