Morro Bay City Council supports impeachment and removal of Trump

January 15, 2021

President Donald Trump


The Morro Bay City Council voted unanimously at a special meeting Thursday to send a letter to federal offices and other elected officials supporting the impeachment of President Donald Trump and his removal from office.

A draft of the letter calls for Trump’s immediate removal from office for inciting violence against the United States government and the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“Donald Trump’s bid to overturn the results of the free and fair election that he lost cannot be met with silence,” the draft letter states. “Our democracy belongs to the people and we all — Republicans, Democrats, independents and members of other political parties — must strive to protect it. Thus, it is imperative that we hold those who violently attacked our Capitol, and who promoted such attacks, responsible.

“We join other local, state and federal leaders to support this effort for the sake of our democracy, the very democracy that provides us the privilege to serve.”

Earlier this week, the House of Representatives voted 232-197 to impeach Trump on the charge of incitement of insurrection. President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration is on Jan. 20.

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Deflecting, delusional, disgusting. The many posts on CCN trying so hard to relieve Trump of any blame for the horrifying attack on the Capitol. This is the world through Trump-colored glasses. Only 4 more days.

HA HA HA HA ha ha ha Morbid Bay! Like anyone cares

To Mr. Bolognini reference to the FBI findings I believe this is the same FBI that said Trump was working with Russia without verifying the facts and still won’t admit they were wrong.So you actually believe everything they say? Also say a kid is flying his kite in the park and another kid comes over pushes him down and takes it away or a kid in school is beaten up because others just didn’t like his looks. Different situations but the two have the same common thread which is violence, so the summer riots and capital attack are apples to apples as both were violent and neither should be tolerated. How about Pelosi, VP Harris and numerous other elected representitives condoning and even encouraging the summer protests that looted and burned businesses and I bet the protesters had pipes and guns with them then also. Maybe you can write your opinion on how you feel about those riots.

Problem is Gordon, the summer riots may have been initiated by very far right accelerators. The first such riot was over the George Floyd’s murder. And WHO were the instigators? One was caught and ID’ed, “umbrella man”.

So who knows how many of these summer protests were turned into riots by far right accelerators and how many due to far left agitators. Both are active in Portland.

I agree that the hammer of the State needs to fall on every violent extremist group, both left and right, and on any and all elected representatives that help organize, insight and direct. Trump clearly INSIGHTED and DIRECTED, and deserves to be impeached and prosecuted. He is a traitor to his country, plain and simple.

As for the Russian connection to Trump, Federal investigations should begin again with the stonewalling by the Trump administration personnel disallowed. We will also be seeing what the New York Attorney General’s office discovers. Given the integrity of the Trump family, I wouldn’t count your chickens. This, along with the grifting, may be why Trump is so desperate to hang on to the Presidency.

Incited not insighted

This is City Counsel business?

I’m surprised they didn’t agree to spend another $50k , that they don’t have, to hire a consultant to retell them how they should articulate this.

This town is heading for bankruptcy

The city of Harmony just sent an impeachment letter to the Feds.

Who gives a sh*t what Pharma John Headding thinks? All you’ll know is which way the wind is blowing, not what he stands for.

It wasn’t just his speech. It was also his actions over the last few months after the election. Even Kevin McCarthy is blaming Trump.