Thief loots more than half of San Luis Obispo store’s inventory

January 6, 2021

Hemp Shak


A burglar or burglars stole more than half of a downtown San Luis Obispo store’s inventory, the business posted on social media post.

Hemp Shak, located at 781 Higuera Street, sells eco-friendly clothing and cannabidiol (CBD) products, as well as local art, records and handmade items. The store was burglarized Sunday night or Monday morning.

Store owner Katy Hemler wrote in a Facebook and Instagram post that the burglary was a “low blow.”

“I am at a loss for words. I guess sick to my stomach,” Hemler stated. “We have worked insanely hard to keep going through this year with shutdowns and restrictions. It’s been a roller coaster of uncertainty and stress. To have this happen to us right now it’s just appalling.”

Hemler said Hemp Shak will remain closed while the business processes what happened and determines what steps to take in order to cope and reopen.

The downtown SLO store has been in business since 1996.

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So this store has no security cameras AND no alarm system? There is no way burglars could have stayed that long to take 50% of the store if an alarm was going off. Not to mention; is there any resale market for ugly hippie clothing (my opinion of course) usually worn by baby boomers who stink of patchouli? I’m thinking this was either an inside job, or someone is trying to finance their Covid debt with a fat insurance claim.

A $100 surveillance camera is a must have for any business. You would think insurance companies would require them.

Hemp clothing is superior to cotton as they last longer and seem to be great for hot days and cool ones too. The theft has good taste in products but bad taste for acquisition. Sad to see the hard times surface this way.

Is/was “The Hemp Shak” a pot shop?

More than likely that’s what the burglar was looking for.

That’s all a poor business owner needs in these times. So sad.

“The Hemp Shop” who in their right mind would set foot in there with a name like that?