Hate speech found on Cal Poly Jewish fraternity

February 7, 2021

Cal Poly students found swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti in front of and on a Jewish fraternity house — Alpha Epsilon Pi — on Friday.

The vandals damaged the fraternity on the Shabbat, a Jewish holy day that starts before sunset on Friday and lasts through nightfall on Saturday. It is a holy day of rest and remembrance.

“Last week, on January 27, we honored the memory of the 6 million Jews who perished and others affected by the Holocaust,” the fraternity posted on Instagram. “Unfortunately, in 2021, antisemitism is still the number one cause of hate crimes in the United States.

“This morning, a hateful group of people committed an antisemitic hate crime on our chapter house. We awoke to multiple swastikas and antisemitic statements spray-painted on and in front of our house. This was targeted at us, as the Jewish fraternity, and we would like to let the world know we do not tolerate or condone this behavior.

“Our chapter and the entire San Luis Obispo Jewish community stand together proudly against those who are uneducated and who encourage hateful acts.”

On Saturday, campus administrators met with members of the fraternity and the Jewish community to offer their support, according to a letter from the Cal Poly Office of the President.

“The residents of that house have begun to clean and repair the damage,” the letter says. “While the visible scars may fade away, the emotional scars will last much longer. As members of the community, we are struggling to comprehend the heinous nature of this crime, alongside our Jewish community.”

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Trump is gone, but his stench continues!

Seems safe to assume this is a few idiotic and immature freaks. I doubt Rashida Tlaib had the time to travel for this. She is busy making speeches about Israel’s distribution of the vaccine.

This doesn’t pass the smell test. I’m betting there’s something else behind this.

I too would hesitate to elevate midnight spray painter(s) targeting a frat into a broadly coordinated conspiracy.

Incredibly sad, but not surprising in the age of Charlottesville and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

What sort of cretins mark this comment down? What sort of people are you?

This country fought a bloody war agains Nazis and all they stand for, many Americans died. And you thoughtless bums enable this sort of cruelty here, now?

I am not Jewish, and that doesn’t matter. I stand with all members of our society that opposes anti semitism.

Yeah, and let’s not forget congressional representatives Ilhan Omar (“it’s about the Benjamin’s”), and Rashid Tlaib, both of whom have exhibited anti Semitic views.

Antisemitism is a scourge on humanity and it needs to be called out regardless of who pushes it.

I think you are referring to criticism of Israel, not Jews. I have an Israeli friend here who is very critical of some culture and politics in and by Israel. So don’t call those two ladies anti semites, they are pro peace and justice and call out any government and policy that violates their sense of justice-so do I and you.

You are exactly right and I condemn those comments as well, although I will note that Omar has apologized for her Tweets and Tlaib has directed most of her criticism at the Jewish state for allowing the dehumanization of the Palestinian people over the last 73 years. Still, these comments are hurtful and you are correct to point them out.

As a Roman Catholic I stand with my Jewish friends and apologize for this transgression. I was a member of Tau Delta Phi (a National Jewish Fraternity) at Loyola University, Chicago, III).

This incident truly is horrid. I am glad to see it’s receiving a lot of attention. I do wonder what would be happening right now however if the target had been a campus-affiliated Catholic Christian organization?