Cal Poly San Luis Obispo cancels the remainder of football season

March 29, 2021


After playing half of a shortened six-game season and losing all three of its contests, the Cal Poly football team is canceling its remaining games, citing a lack of healthy players.

“We made this decision because of the high number of serious, season-ending injuries to our players,” Cal Poly Athletics Director Don Oberhelman said in a statement. “In addition, there are many seniors who informed us of their decision to defer spring quarter enrollment to the fall so that they can play a full fall season.”

Cal Poly had been scheduled to play Northern Arizona on Saturday. If the Mustangs were to play the game, they would only have only 49 players, which is below the Big Sky Conference minimum required for competition, Cal Poly stated in a press release. The Mustangs’ full football roster contains 110 players.

Nonetheless, first-year Cal Poly Head Coach Beau Baldwin said everyone in his program remains committed to playing a Big Sky schedule this spring.

“Everyone in our program remains committed, but I support this decision in the interest of the health and wellness of our students,” Baldwin said. “We look forward to getting healthy in the coming months and are excited for what should be a memorable fall 2021 campaign.”

Members of the coaching staff, Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong, senior university leadership and medical personnel were all consulted on the decision to opt out of the remainder of the current season.

In the shortened season, Cal Poly finished 0-3, losing to Southern Utah 34-24, UC Davis 73-24 and Eastern Washington 62-10.

After the NCAA Division 1 Football Championship Subdivision moved its season from fall to spring because of the pandemic, a total of 29 teams, including five from the Big Sky Conference, opted out of competing prior to the start of play in mid-February. Several other teams across the country chose to stop playing after a few games.

Cal Poly’s fall football season is scheduled to begin Sept. 4 with a game at the University of San Diego.

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Wow…that must be a first….nice lesson to teach…quitting….

The value of sports isn’t any different than other professions and in fact can offer much more in some regards. Obviously most of these kids will never see a dollar professionally but do learn the value of team, and what it takes to put time and effort into something that will reward you and those around you in the future. Usually these players will be brothers for the rest of their lives, however non-seasons/delayed short seasons don’t build much in the way of character, especially when they wave the white flag after subpar performances. The only thing worthwhile these football players are getting from being in college is football because it sure isn’t any scholarly help with the failed California school system. What a complete loss.

Ah, isn’t that to bad. They’re 0-3, have been out scored 170-58, so they roll up like a cheap umbrella in a slight breeze. What kind of precedence is this setting? When struggles or tough times come, throw in the towel and give up? What ever happened to taking on challenges with perseverance? May I suggest next year their new uniforms be gold skirts and green high heels. Kind of like the ones Jeffrey Armstrong wears. If I was a parent of a student athlete at C.P. I would pull them and move on to better place. Their charging way to much to educate you children on how to fail in life.

Your displeasure with a football teams management is to equate SHAME with clothing attributed to females?

Wow. Toxic masculinity, much?

It’s obvious you missed the main point of my comment. It has nothing to do with shaming females. To me it’s just the latest example of the growing weakness of people in this nation and the education system, who give up and blame others or circumstances for their failures and lack of perseverance through life’s challenges. Toxic masculinity? Not at all. Personal character and determination to succeed through challenges? Absolutely.

Football coach makes 230,000k a year off tax payer dollars, games dont make squat nor does merch, and players have no royalties for their success as players outside a fake education and payed tuition due to constant practice and travel. I guess we are all saving some cash here, sadly, due to covid. Csu and UC sports are corrupt, insane uses of tax payer dollars to float this crap. Or tax payer dollars for sports stadiums, like LA or San Diego and SF, sports kind of bring community, at a cost, then they move away!! To a different city willing to pay for them at our expense!. Lord, get rid of sports, its Olympic style corruption, and save some cash. The, concerts,hobbyists, the fair, that’s The way to go. Not Poly football, who gives a Sh*t, and most jobs there pay SQUAT. Hence every professor teaches at Cuesta!

The money spent on male sports at the college level is egregious and it’s made on the backs of folks who aren’t even old enough to know better – they just want a shot at their dream for an education and/or a sports career. Kevin says it better than I can.

If CP cared as much about the spread of COVID among its student population, infecting the rest of us, as it cares about its facade of caring, that’d be helpful.

NO Poly professor “teaches at Cuesta” College. They would be in breach of their employment contracts and canned — tenure or not.

Will anyone notice?