Two people injured in rollover crash in Cayucos

April 5, 2021

Two people suffered major injuries Monday evening in a rollover crash in Cayucos.

At about 6:30 p.m., a Caycuos resident reported seeing a green car roll down a hill near the intersection of Chaney Avenue and Gilbert Avenue from their balcony. Officers arrived to find two people, both of whom were ejected from the vehicle, suffering from major injuries.

Emergency personnel transported one victim by air and the other by a ground ambulance.


That maybe the location we used to call pregnant hill and it wasn’t a geographical description


A couple Flyers? You know those guys Hang Gliding? Hope they will be ok. Thank God the neighbor saw them.


My brother and his girlfriend both died on that hill in 1980:(

I need to take one of my tractor’s up there and clean up that road;(


Sorry for your loss:(


Wow, so your brother was Randy? That was a very tragic accident. So sad.


The beginning of the death of Estero Bay. Rich moving in quicker than you can say Saratoga….assholes driving around like it’s the 405…tattoos and fat people everywhere. Traffic from the embarcadero to the 41…. and now dipshits are gonna cause the closing of once private local ranch roads.

Saw it coming when the state got the bluffs and North San Simeon. Fck the internet.