Deputies arrest Paso Robles man for allegedly selling cocaine in Isla Vista

May 26, 2021


In the aftermath of a person firing gunshots into the air amid a chaotic scene in Isla Vista over the weekend, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Paso Robles man for selling cocaine.

Shortly before midnight on Friday, a fight broke out, a person was punched in the head and another individual fired a handgun into the air, video footage posted on social media shows. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office then launched an investigation into the alleged negligent discharge of a firearm.


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At about 3 a.m. Saturday, sheriff’s deputies and UCSB police officers were at a home in the 6600 block of Sueno Road in Isla Vista while still investigating the gunshots in the area. As they were searching for witnesses and evidence, deputies noticed three suspects sitting in a parked vehicle with cocaine in plain view on the dashboard.

Deputies contacted the passengers of the car and found Cesar Antonio Cerda Jr., 19, in possession of cocaine that was packaged for sale. Deputies arrested Cerda for felony possession of cocaine for sale and transported him to the Santa Barbara Main Jail.

Cerda was booked and later released on a citation because of Santa Barbara County’s extension of California’s COVID-19 $0 bail order.


$54 cash, look out boys, we gots us a Kingpin here, off the Paso Cartel, you can tell by the sheep yurd on his belt buckle. Heck, it’s $59 if you count the rolled up $5 bill they were snorting with. We’d better notify the IRS and do a net worth on this fella, he’s probably worth Billions, judging by the wad of cash he carries around.

Francesca Bolognini

OMG! This story reminds me of The Late Show with Jay Leno’s “Stupid Criminals” segments. Seriously. SMH.