Former SLO County deputy charged with child molestation

May 27, 2021

James Storton


Investigators arrested a former San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s correctional deputy on Wednesday on 17 felony counts of child sexual molestation.

After receiving information of suspected child sexual abuse concerning multiple victims under the age of 14, deputies opened an investigation into 63-year-old James Peter Storton of Arroyo Grande. The District Attorney’s Office then filed multiple charges related to lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14 against Storton.

Sheriff’s investigators took Storton into custody on Wednesday afternoon.

Storton retired from the sheriff’s department in 2009, after 29 years. His brother Keith Storton is an Arroyo Grande city councilman.

Investigators are asking anyone who knows of any other potential victims in this case to call the sheriff’s office at (805) 781-4500.


Typical Trump voter. His stupid Hawaiian shirt gives a whole new meaning to boogaloo boy.


Yikes! 29 years as a sheriff correctional officer and no one has noticed anything or reported anything for all these years? Child molesters are not suddenly created at age 63. If he is guilty of these charges there are likely other victims who have never reported or were not believed if they did. Some of them may well be adults by now. Hope his bail is set HIGH! Yes, innocent until proven guilty but not at the expense of the possibility of children being harmed. If he is guilty, what a fun time in prison a child molesting ex cop will have.


Another one of the losers who worked in the Pat Hedges fiefdom. Not actually a “deputy” but a “Correctional Officer”.


Good. Throw the book at him. May he spend the rest of his life locked up.


This will probably be the last you will ever hear of this. Wonder why?