Paso Robles DUI suspect flees during sobriety test

May 24, 2021

Rocc Collins


A suspected DUI driver attempted to flee Paso Robles police during a sobriety test Sunday night or early Monday morning, but a K-9 lured him out of the brush in which he was hiding and officers arrested him for drug and weapon offenses.

After receiving reports about a possible DUI driver who was swerving and nearly causing collisions, officers located the vehicle and stopped it, according to the Paso Robles Police Department. Officers then attempted to administer field sobriety tests on the driver, 29-year-old Rocc Collins of Paso Robles.

During the sobriety tests, Collins fled by foot and jumped into a 10 foot by 20 foot bush, the police department stated in a Facebook post.

Collins refused to come out of the bush, promoting police to bring a K-9 to the scene. After hearing the police dog barking, Collins gave up, police said.

Officers searched Collins’ vehicle and found a loaded 9 mm handgun, methamphetamine, fentanyl, cannabis and Xanax. Police booked Collins in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges related to drugs and possession of a loaded handgun.

Collins remains in the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $100,000, according to the sheriff’s office website. Collins is facing a total of nine charges, including DUI and being a felon in possession of a concealed firearm

Jorge Estrada

He too was once a child who’s mother loved him. Today he is an adult who poisons our youth and the weak.


Wow…. Lots of wild comments. I will say this, glad this guy got popped and if we could get parents and schools to put time into teaching the constitution and its purpose we’d be in a better place. A lot of people lean on the constitution without ever having read it and/or having an understanding of it…


We need to make resisting arrest and running from the police a capitol offense and with a minimum sentence of 15 years in prison….if you really want to reduce police shootings this is a way we haven’t tried yet….make it very costly to resist…..make it cost even more to run…..


Drugs and alcohol once again the root cause of these multiple crimes. The drug crisis and the lack of any competent politician on any side to help with it, is the biggest destructor this nation faces.

How many lives, and families will have to be destroyed, including the brave Police Officer’s who are front and center in all of this. All politicians are cowards and aren’t willing to confront this major problem we have. We are destroying ourselves in this nation with our own apathy and will to legalize more mind debasing drugs than the idiots already have. This issue that is killing hundreds a day across the U.S. is squarely on the shoulder’s of ALL politicians.

Please look at all of the stories and the common thread which is the cause, and you’ll see drugs are almost always involved. Those that support the legalizing of more drugs and lessening the time served need their heads examined. Your part of the problems that is slowly destroying this once great nation.


You’re full of it. Antifa and BLM are totally different issues. This is just a low grade criminal.


Yes, all summer long we saw your low grade criminals burning cities, looting stores, beating and even killing citizens and, for the most part, going unpunished. Just like this guy had hoped for.


It was a “low grade” criminal that killed a SLO City officer. What’s your point?


This is the true cost of the Antifa/BLM riots of last summer. Every criminal now feels emboldened that they can disobey LEO instructions/orders and there won’t be any consequences. Given the fact that he had a loaded weapon, he is lucky that he did not end up getting shot.

kevin rise

We can thank Trump for spikes in crime. Look, hes under criminal investigation, so I should commit fraud, steal, rape and use cocaine and emphatamines just like Trump has done.


Tell me you’re just stirring the pot for reactions sake…please.


You are so full of it, I guess you are a right wing nut job.

.Antifa stands for anti fascist. Do you know who we fought in WW2? Did you get past first grade? We fought the fascists, evil cretins who murdered millions. Maybe you are pro fascist, in that case I understand your comment.

BLM stands for equality in all things for all our citizens (as demanded in our Constitutions and numerous laws). Do you know we have a Constitution that guides our fragile democracy? And protects it from people like you?

The weirdo in the article has nothing to do with either of those groups, their activities or practices. Oh, I get it, he sort of looks black so that indicts those groups in your feeble mind; given your limited ability to reason I can understand that.


You may have been so busy with name calling that you did not notice that I did not say that he was a member of any political group. And the only person to see and mention race is – YOU.


Really? blm stands for equality? Unless of course your white and have a different view of them and the Marxist founders of this insurgent group. Equality? I think not. Very far from an accurate statement.


Did you read the comment? You must’ve meant left wing…


If he did get shot he and his family would have won the lottery. The JPIA would have made a deal to avoid expensive litigation even though the member city was not at any fault. Ka-Ching!