Arroyo Grande woman crashes her bicycle into a truck

July 20, 2021


An Arroyo Grande woman in her early 70s ended up in the hospital after colliding with a box truck while riding a bicycle in Los Osos Tuesday morning. [KSBY]

The woman was heading southbound in the bike lane on South Bay Boulevard at about 9:50 a.m. She tried to turn left onto Turri Road, but turned directly into the path of an oncoming box truck, according to the CHP.

The driver tried to swerve out of the way, but a mirror on the truck hit the woman on her back, knocking her off the bicycle.

When officers arrived at the scene, the woman was unresponsive. She came to later at the hospital.

Following the collision, the truck driver called 911 and remained at the scene. Authorities closed South Bay Boulevard for about 20 minutes.


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coronet blue

I hope the rider a full recovery. Whether for pleasure or necessity, safely riding a bike on roads with vehicles takes skill and vigilance. SLO and other local governments are sacrificing roadways for more bike lanes. According to their dream plans, an ever-increasing proportion of our aging populations will be riding bikes instead of driving cars.


I suppose it doesn’t matter the age. Bicycle riders seem to lose all common sense and the ability to simple follow traffic laws, every time the spandex shirt and shorts go on.

I hope she’s OK, but I also pray for the truck driver who now has to live with this.


No bicycles on roads with 35+mph speed limits would be a good start imo. Or maybe require a cycling license for those 18+ that want to travel on said roads. Something has got to be done that’s for sure. There’s no pedestrian, skateboard, scooter, golf cart, or horse use allowed on the roadsides. Why are cyclists the exception?


No, we don’t need to expand the “nanny state”. You can’t completely eliminate risk by passing a bunch of oppressive laws to try to keep people safe from themselves. Road users need to operate at their own risk and take responsibility for their actions. Want to reduce the number of accidents? Add more bike paths!


Where exactly does the “Nanny state” begin and end? What laws should be kept, which should be abandoned? Should total anarchy reign supreme?

Laws are made for a reason; to address prevalent problems. Dont want more laws? Behave better to begin with.