Child tax credit payments headed to Central Coast families

July 13, 2021

Central Coast parents could see their first child tax credit payment in their bank accounts as early as Thursday.

Under the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan, the annual child tax credit has increased from $2,000 per child to $3,000 to $3,600 per child. Parents of children under 6 years old are eligible for the $3,600 total credit while parents of children between 6 and 17 are entitled to the $3,000 benefit.

The first payment is scheduled for Thursday, July 15.

U.S. Congressman Salud Carbajal said, during a speech in Nipomo on Monday, the payments will impact more than 135,000 children and their families in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties.


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Sounds like a vote buying scam.


What about all the homeless,injured veterans and other Americans who lost their jobs or business because of this “CHINA VIRUS ” It’s fine to help families in need but I’m sure that a lot of the people getting the child credit probably don’t need it but it looks good on paper and maybe get a extra Dem vote or two


Pretty sure that money will be spent on big screen TVs and trips to Disneyland. The working class save their money. Others just take.

Adam Trask

Exactly, and that money drives the economy. It pays the salary of the salesman or the Amazon associate who procures the television. It pays the worker who boxes it and the postman who delivers it.

It pays the various workers and vendors who man the rides at Disneyland and those who sell the hot dogs and popcorn. Not only that, it brings joy to the lives of the working class children. Joyful children are far less likely to commit crimes or engage in anti-social behavior—look it up.

Bottom line: Money in the pockets of the working class is money spent to spur the economy.

Money grifted to the rich in tax cuts is money lost, squirreled away or used to buy back stock to inflate the wealthy man’s dividend.

Please inform me of how any of that money “trickles down” as Mr. Laffer and Mr. Reagan contended.


2016-2019, best economy in 50 years,

The unemployment numbers, CPI, wage increases for blue collar and minorities, energy costs ( and independence),

All on a Republican administration.

Claims backed up by numbers, math.

Jon Tatro

The middle class you claim being supported in your scenario live in China, what we learned in Econ 101 is flooding the economy with more unsupported dollars will cause hyper inflation and everything costs so much more for everyone just like in the Jimmy Carter administration. You can’t deny facts and science anymore Adam.


That’s pretty rich, Tonto, considering all the bragging you do about how your slick attorney got you a fat welfare check paid for by the hard working citizens of Paso so you can sit at home all day and contribute absolutely zero to society while spewing your radical bile all over this site. So your kind of lawsuit welfare is good, but giving struggling parents a little extra money is bad? Your hypocrisy is disgusting!


Socialism is here whether the people want it or not….

kevin rise

This is good news. People hate childcare, children and poor people here on this forum and help for tax payers, but want Free parking in San Luis Obispo to go done out at Fancy places. Weird. Local Republicans are as confused as gender pronouns.

Adam Trask

An excellent way to bolster families. Putting more money into the pockets of working class Americans benefits the entire economy because these families will spend most of that money in the market place, thus perpetuating the free market.

The debt rises, but the American economy, over the last 40 years seems quite resilient in the face of debt. Of course, the Republicans will cry about this influx of cash to the working class and will cite the debt. Something they didn’t do in 2017 when they passed a huge tax cut which put billions of dollars into the pockets of the wealthy while at the same time exploding the federal budget deficit, even before the ill effects of the pandemic.

Unlike the money that flowed to the rich—which invariably finds itself into offshore tax shelters or other such boondoggles—the cash given to the working class will be back in circulation immediately, paying wages and making profits.


Mr. Trask, please stop with the facts. Thank you.


You, really, have no understanding of the economy.


The theft of an additional $1,000-1,600 from my kids doesn’t do much for my gas and food bills.