SLO County Judge Ginger Garrett suddenly retires

July 29, 2021


San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge Ginger Garrett announced on Monday that she is retiring, and her last day on the bench will be Thursday.

Appointed in 2005 by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Garret was reelected in 2020 to a six-year term that expires in Jan. 2027. She currently has multiple open civil cases.

It is expected a rotating judge will fill her position, though a judge has not yet been selected, said Nikki Rodriguez, courtroom operations manager. In response to questions about the reason for Garrett’s sudden departure, retirement was the only answer given.

It is unusual for a superior court judge to retire without providing time to bring in another judge to cover their cases.


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Eyes Everywhere

Ginger probably just wants to go back to the island with the Professor and Mary Ann.


I have a case pending before her now. So far she has made the wrong ruling on the same issue twice. She was supposed to get a last shot at it n September. I think the speculation about her reasons for leaving are just that. Court insiders judges, lawyers thought she was a terrible judge.


ruling in July re: Murphy/gag order in Paul Flores case


I think Ginger’s decision to retire now has more to do with politics than anything else. She was eager to retire but didn’t want a Republican Governor appointing a Republican to replace her when she retired in a couple of years. The Dems are preparing for Newsom to lose the recall election and they are scurrying to fill vacancies before he goes.


Judge Umhofer suddenly retired for that exact reason. He did not want Schwarzenegger appointing his replacement.

the situation

Garrett and Old Man LaBarbera sat in on ALOT of cases that involved Adam’s cronies. But I’m sure she is just burned out right?

Jorge Estrada

My thought is that civil justice during the COVID restrictions period was complicated for everyone. If I were a judge who could retire before the next wave of daily disappointments, personal self health would weigh heavily after already completing decades of public service. The we ain’t young crowd will need to step aside anyway.

Jorge Estrada

Just trying to avoid unnecessary scandalous dialogue, she was always good natured and deserves that in return.


Zero chance this isn’t related to Dayspring/Hill. She was just re-elected and a few years from retirement.


She made a favorable ruling on a case Dayspring was I lied it,

Cthulhu Colander



Judge Garrett heard the sound of Helios’ other shoe dropping and made the decision to exit stage left.

The ripple effect has begun…who’s next?