Power outages impact thousands of SLO County residents

September 12, 2021



For the third time in five days, thousands of San Luis Obispo County residents lost power on Sunday.

Shortly after 6 p.m., more than 3,000 PG&E customers lost power in Atascadero, Creston and San Luis Obispo. PG&E is not currently disclosing the causes of the outages.

As of 2 p.m., power had been restored to the majority of those who lost power Sunday morning. There are currently 892 Atascadero and Creston residents and 132 SLO City residents without power.

The lights went out in parts of Templeton for 960 residences at 6:46 p.m. on Wednesday, with power not restored until after 4 p.m. on Thursday. An equipment failure caused the outage.

On Thursday at 11:05 a.m., power went out from southern Atascadero to Pozo and was not turned back on until after 11 a.m. on Friday.


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Well, it’s Monday, September 13, 7:35pm and the power is off again in Atascadero…

I wish PG&E could be as reliable with delivery of electricity as they are with their text alerts that my power is out (Thanks but I figured that out when the ceiling fan stopped working and my radio shut off).

Jorge Estrada

Winter is coming and these outages may become a part of a new business model, as in employee safety may stop all night elective work? Don’t hesitate, get your standby generator ready with a properly wired manual transfer switch. (The ability to transfer your electric power source from PG&E to your own generator) I bring attention to this proactive measure because businesses have already been adversely affected as well as at home.


Time to ditch PG&E and go with an alternate energy provider! Yes, PG&E will still own your transmission and distribution system for now, and thus outages may still occur in the short term, but it’s more about starving the PG&E beast and supporting alternatives to their corrupt monopoly.


Great idea! Or even better, get solar and a powerwall and say goodbye to that fragile and unreliable power grid forever! I know several north county residents who did that and couldn’t be happier.


It’s only 14 years until 2035 (when California becomes an all electric State), should be fun to watch. From some other State.


Ultra high energy costs and 3rd world service. Yay PG&E


Yay, Gavin Newsom!


And the PUC, Pathetic Utility Commission.

Jorge Estrada

The public thought they were getting an advocate when the PUC was created. The reality is that the PUC gets funded by the Utilities and serves as their private permitting agency. I bet you didn’t know that the PUC issues permits that we the public know nothing about and by the time you find out about a project it can a decade old permit that you can’t change. This is for real….!!! Please don’t buy into the you should follow their webpage crap.


Sounds like you work for utility company. I’m not sure the public needs a fox’s opinion on how the hen house should be ran.

Jorge Estrada

Good try, this is not an opinion. Check out the Sempra Energy pipeline safety improvement project, permitted in 2011 by the PUC, which could have been better but nobody knew until the equipment was underway on both sides of the Cuesta Grade. A frontage road opportunity avoided. A thank you PUC.


Lol! Nice deflection. Have you considered running for office? You would be good at that. Frontage road on the Cuesta Grade? Wouldn’t that just be for the convenience of the millionaires who built their mansions up there? Perhaps the idiocy of the PUC saved us tax payers from footing the bill for a rich man’s driveway.

Jorge Estrada

Another carnival joke, ha ha, the idea was to run a straight line to avoid crossing the train tracks and highway a couple of times. The taxpayers will eventually upgrade the grade again because 25 years ago the State chose to limit the scope of work on their EIR. The grid locks due to north county induced cross traffic issues will get mitigated and so far development doesn’t cover this, gas taxes are misappropriated and as I read some of the caged people think rural dwellers are rich. After taxes, a million dollars won’t buy a house in SLO.


With lip service like that you have to be in some political office. I forgot what the article was about! Remarkable lol!

Jorge Estrada

yes we drifted off topic but seriously off topic is what we pay taxes for ie: GAS taxes being dumped into the General Fund? Nobody likes BS policy / new revenue streams and No, I am on the side that pays for the benefit of government which today is mostly a payroll we all fund.