FPPC fines San Simeon official, considering further court action

November 21, 2021

Charles Grace


The California Fair Political Practices Commission voted Thursday to penalize San Simeon’s general manager for the “inherent harm” he did to the community by sitting on both sides of the negotiating table.

In 2016, as San Simeon Community Services District’s general manager, Grace negotiated a contract with Grace Environmental Services, a private company he owns. Grace then used his position as the head of the district to funnel money to his private company.

On Thursday, in a precedent setting vote, the commission ordered Grace to pay a $4,500 fine and take ethics training. This was the first time the FPPC has penalized a public official for a Government Code 1090 violation (contract conflict of interest law).

The commissioners also discussed the proper process for voiding Grace’s 2016 contract with the district. A contract made in violation of Government Code 1090 “is void, not merely voidable.”

Even so, the Commission agreed to bring back for clarification in January, whether or not voiding the contract requires a civil court action.

The district is entitled to recover any compensation that it paid through the voided contract, according to the Government Code. If the contract is voided, the district could recover the $393,734 in compensation it paid Grace from Jan. 2016 through Dec. 2020.

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Why is this guy still slopping at the trough? Why isn’t he in jail? Why does the San Simeon Community Services District still exist (<200 residents)? Why doesn't the County take over operations tomorrow?

what a DISgrace!

Where is the District’s Legal Counsel?

legal Counsel Minnery is a joke and should be the one fired. Everywhere he goes there are problems.

Ethics Training? Is this like traffic school for white collar criminals? Why does he still have a job? SLO County is rabid with government officials looting taxpayers with zero consequences. How did the CDC get away with refusing to identify the Manager for so long? Who was / is protecting Charles Grace? Throw them all OUT! Where is common sense?

What a rip off, both by him and those who allowed it. Should be jail time.

If Charlie Grace is told to pay back the money he stole I see a bankruptcy filling for Grace Environmental Services, try and collect the money after that happens.

Nicely written, Karen.