California again allowing early release of violent criminals

January 23, 2022


After a temporary halt, a California judge is allowing new regulations that permit two-strike offenders to serve just one-third of their prison sentences, including inmates with serious and violent criminal histories.

In December, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Shama Mesiwala granted 28 district attorneys a temporary restraining order preventing the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) from increasing the time-served credits two-strike offenders with serious and violent criminal histories can receive from 50 percent to 66 percent.

Judge Mesiwala has now lifted the temporary restraining order.

Last year, the CDCR adopted regulations granting additional good conduct credits to some two-strike inmates and to inmates working in fire camps.

Under the latest CDCR regulation, the new class of credits can be granted to offenders with convictions for domestic violence, human trafficking, animal cruelty and possession of weapons by individuals who have previous convictions for serious and violent felonies.

In an attempt to stop the enforcement of the rules, on Dec. 22, 28 of California’s 58 district attorneys filed for a temporary restraining order. Siding with the CDCR, Judge  Mesiwala found that the prosecutors lacked standing to challenge the regulations.

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I guess only women who have been victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking have standing, and they would be risking their lives to stop these early releases. Too bad our society cares so little about women.

Only in Calif. if you are criminal or illegal you get preferred treatment over law abiding tax paying citizens

It might be wise to provide all of these, early release, prisoners staff jobs for the State. In State finance, payroll, and benefit programs. It would be a seamless transition for the many of them.

Judge Shama Mesiwala was sworn in as a Court Commissioner in 2017 .I’m not sure if she has become an actual court Judge …She is known to be one of California’s few Islamic faith based judges and a female at that .The Clintons was one of the first politicians advocating that United States legal system convert to the Sharia law system .This could be the start of Sharia Law in California .Shama is new to the court system in a judicial form so she is walking on hot coals and I’m pretty sure the other real judges available didn’t want another hot potato on their plate so it was handed to the new fish along with a long stare possibly .In my opinion letting inmates out early is an invitation to see them again …Most only serving time for what could be prosecuted not for all their crimes they committed in their lifetimes . There is millions of voters related to inmates ,there is also a large quantity of CDCR employees who are voters and related to inmates .CDCR employees know they have a job in a crowded or uncrowded prison setting , so if less inmates less work same pay but always a yearly raise .The public now becomes the prison guards on the streets of California and it doesn’t cost the government as much money as housing those inmates .That saved money can now fund more pensions , while the public not politicians are forced to become a public prison employee at their own expense and lack of safe secure life living in California