Injured dirt biker rescued from Pozo Summit Trail

December 22, 2022

Rescue Pozo Trail


A helicopter airlifted an injured dirt biker off of a trail near Santa Margarita on Wednesday afternoon. The dirt biker crashed while riding on the Pozo Summit Trail and could not ride back to the trailhead, according to the CHP.

At about 12:20 p.m., Cal Fire requested a CHP helicopter because of the remote location of the injured biker. An H-70 helicopter crew responded and conducted a hoist rescue.

The helicopter lowered a rescue worker, who placed the biker in a harness. The H-70 hoisted the biker off the trail and brought him to a location by Highway 58 and Red Hill Road, where he was transferred to a CalStar 7 helicopter. The CalStar helicopter transported the biker to an undisclosed location for treatment.

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Fibune had a funny version of this story. Seems reporters/editors at the daily surprise don’t know difference between a dirt bike and a bicycle, and had the guy wrecking his “bicycle” which a rescuer then somehow was able to ride back to wherever to return it to his family. Wow. Now that’s news reporting!

Ok, not sure I know the difference. Do you mean this guy was riding a dirt motorcycle? I’m not sure those are allowed on that trail. I assumed he was a mountain bicyclist.

Interesting; the trail head is right there! An ambulance is $5k…. A helicopter? I don’t even wanna see that bill lol

The rider could not make it to the trail head. It’s literally the second sentence in the article. The trail is 15.5 miles long.

Yes… and being very familiar with that area; that fire sign specifically….the trail head is only about 250 feet away and I am surprised he opted for the helicopter.