Another mudslide damages Highway 1, in Big Sur

January 16, 2023

New mudslide area on Highway 1 in Monterey County just south of Mill Creek


A massive mudslide covered Highway 1 near Mud Creek in Big Sur in mud and debris during last weekends storms.

Earlier this month, authorities closed Highway 1 from northern San Luis Obispo County to Big Sur in Monterey County, following a rock and mudslide south of Ragged Point. As the result of several additional mudslides, the closure area now extends from the elephant seal viewing area in northern San Luis Obispo County to Morning Glory in Monterey County.

“Caltrans continues to make assessments at numerous locations on Highway 1 which are showing significant instability as a result of an ongoing rain event.” according to a Caltrans press release. “In addition, there are multiple locations within the closure area which are exhibiting activity and, in some cases, distributing material across the roadway or undermining the road.”

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Taxpayers are spending millions repairing this portion of highway 1. The state should consider making this stretch a toll road to help pay for all the repairs.

Decades ago I would have voted against that; as with MDO. These days…. may as well do it. These areas are being treated like a fun park and were not designed for the amount of traffic they’re seeing; especially Highway 1 :/

We already pay the highest state excise gas tax for road repair. They’ve had 10 years of drought to fix roads and highways to ensure minimal storm damage.

It’s more of a question, of where that money actually goes.

I kind of agree but how do we make the CA legislature use the toll road money for that road or any roads?…. that’s been proven to be a tough haul….

In the meantime, I continue to wonder, and worry, about La Conchita down between Santa Barbara and Ventura ……………..