Los Osos schedules meeting to discuss possible lawsuits over flooding

January 16, 2023

Flood damage at Vista Court in Los Osos


The Los Osos Community Services District scheduled a special board meeting for Tuesday evening to discuss anticipated litigation related to the thousands of gallons of water and mud that crashed into Vista de Oro Estates after a retention basin burst.

The retention basin was constructed at the base of the Cabrillo Estates to protect neighboring, lower-elevation properties. During the Jan. 9 atmospheric river, the rubber liner tore and the berm on one side of the basin burst.

A raging river of water and mud then slammed into homes on Vista Court. The mudslide damaged 20 homes, though it is not currently known if the homeowners are eligible for financial assistance. The district is responsible for upkeep of the retention basin.

Los Osos Community Services District staff said they checked the basin on Jan. 9, and it was not full. It is unknown at this time if the district was providing proper upkeep of the basin.

The special meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 6 p.m. at 2122 9th Street in Los Osos. Members of the public can attend in person or electronically.

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True to Los Osos fashion, I knew someone was going be sued for the flooding and mudslide. I really hate being right. Million dollar homeowners asking for financial assistance? Can’t they afford good insurance?

The problem could be attributed to ground sqirrels, when the water levels have been down for so long, they burrow right on through dams, levees, dikes etc. Water goes right on through, creating a breach, highly errosive soil like that in Los Osos would be very susceptible to that kind of failure!

I’ve seen it happen to many Ranch dams and ponds, they used to use highly effective poison to keep the sqirrels at bay but those methods are basicly outlawed or chemicals available now are inaffective.

What a shame if the berm failure was due to something as simple and easily corrected as a ground squirrel infestation. If so, LOCSD needs to promote a trapping program, predation by raptors, and/or hunting by pest control experts using high-end precision air rifles. All are inexpensive solutions when compared to the expensive damage done by the fur ball tunnel trolls.

Los Osos was doing just fine with septic systems and leach lines, until far too many big city people moved in, and demanded their big city accommodations.

Right, a sand box will absorb a huge amount cat urine as long as it’s added slowly.

Then a the county allow the lots to be haved and walla, you have too many people urinating in the sand over the over the water basin. I guessed you can say the septic tanks were pissed off.

Not surprising here due to Government bodies always going with the lowest bidder.

Perhaps the contractor can be sued?

I would expect that the County required a licensed engineer with insurance limits in addition to we taxpayers that seem to have no limits. This is why we have transparency and public meetings to discuss these possibilities.