Car flips over in Madonna Inn parking lot in SLO

January 30, 2023


A car rolled over on the driveway in front of the Madonna Inn Sunday night.

The driver hit landscape rocks in front of the hotel, causing the vehicle to flip, according to police. No one suffered injuries in the crash.

Neither drugs, nor alcohol factored into the collision, police say.

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Seriously, if i had been the driver i would have claimed i had been drunk or stoned. Thats way better than admitting i was dumber than a box of rocks. Lord, please keep that idiot off of our highways

Well, frankly, that was pretty much my first thought as well. But then I realized that it might just have been some sort of critical medical incident to the driver that caused the car to careen out of control. Maybe more information will follow to provide more of a complete answer.

Well they were stoned. They hit a big stone and flipped.